Cubes Gets Extension

Illinois re-upped Bill Cubit for two years following a 5-7 season. While that isn’t an impressive record, and is pretty standard for our football team (sadly), we could still go to a bowl game because there aren’t enough bowl eligible teams to fill the FORTY ONE contests that we have slated for this year. What a great reward – a bowl game that your university will absolutely lose $$$$ on, all for going 5-7! Well done!

Anyways, the Cubit re-upping is interesting in a couple dimensions. The Illinois athletic department doesn’t even have a permanent athletic director yet so it was probably one of those deals where the powers that be sat in a room and just shrugged their shoulders, sighed, and asked Cubit if he wanted it. There has been scandal after scandal at Illinois over the past decade or so and since the house is now being cleaned, it was probably a pretty good move to re-up Cubes.

I imagine that the base issue is one that I have pounded the table on for a long time here on these pages. That issue is that nobody wakes up one day and says to themselves “Man, I really want to be the head football coach at Illinois”.

Beckman was a guy who probably enjoyed being the coach at U of I, but we saw what happened there. Cubes must not mind living in Champaign. Being the head coach at a Big Ten skool probably looks good on your coaching resume in a certain sense.

The University isn’t behind the program, the boosters don’t care, and with all of our scandals and ridiculous people we have had associated with the football program it is just a “dead zone”. The job is either a stepping stone for someone on the way up, or a place holder for a coach who is just playing out his last few years, working for a few more paychecks.

In addition, we got Cubes for only $1.2mm/year, cheapest in the Big Ten. It was a good fit for him as well, as he has helped recruit a lot of the kids in the program and does offer some continuity. I expect nothing less then some more mediocre seasons but that is what Illinois football is all about, isn’t it? A Tradition of Mediocrity. But this isn’t really Cubit’s fault. The athletic department has things that, if we were serious about fixing them, would take up to 5 years to fix.

The Cubit signing has more to do with the higher ups at Illinois knowing that Cubit doesn’t have baggage and will probably run a relatively clean program while they attempt to get the athletic department reeled in, and somehow fixed up a bit. It is years of work ahead of them, and the two year deal makes it easy for them to can Cubit and start over if he can’t keep us at least mediocre.

On the plus side, from what I have seen so far this year, Cubit seems to have decent game plans and doesn’t make insane errors on the sideline that hurt his team like Beckman did. But all the good gameplans in the world won’t help you when you don’t have the talent to make them work. Cubes has a lot of work ahead of him and so does the athletic department.

Bears vs. Slack

Well, if you can stay awake after stuffing your fat yapper with all of that turkey and dressing, there is a game tonight. The Bears are playing as well as a team with this level of talent can, and tonight they have the Slack at Lambeau. Happy Thanksgiving to our tens of readers!

Bears Playing Well, Clausen Gone

The Bears played a hell of a game on Sunday. We came up short, as teams who are not as talented typically do, but a few notes.

We never gave up. Fox has clearly instilled an attitude of never giving up and every guy is playing like their ass is on fire. I really like that. Once this team gets some talent, we will be good. Very good.

Our old friend James “Pickles” Clausen got waived. I think this has something to do with a dark overlord of the past.
It has pleased me to no end to see Trestman flailing in Baltimore and watching the Ravens suck is always great in general. I still have angst over the Ravens beating the 49ers in the Super Bowl and costing me $$$ but I digress as usual.

However, with Flacco getting his ACL exploded (there is a god) in the last game, I think Trestman was sniffing around Fales due to his past experiences. Fales was on the practice squad. Teams can cherry pick your practice squad at any time. So the Bears just cut Pickles and promoted Fales to be the backup, which is smart. See ya Jimmy.
Good job to Fox and Pace for protecting Fales. Fales isn’t the next Brady, but he can’t be worse than Clausen. Hopefully.

Broncos vs. Bears

A suddenly interesting game. Vegas says Broncos -3. No Manning today so I look for Fangio to dial up the pressure. Our d was very good last week even without Pernell on the field. Granted Foles is crap, but still a good sign. The Broncos have a very good d so we will quickly see if our offense can continue it’s production.


It is pretty clear to all of us now that we have a GREAT fourth round pick on our hands with Jeremy Langford.

I have mentioned before that I follow the “fake” Bear twitter accounts, which never cease to amaze me. This is a great tweet from faux George McCaskey on the subject of Langford. Enjoy.

Bears at Rams

This is a winnable game. The problem is our offense is a poor match against the Rams D but the vice versa applies as well.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Back when they were talking about re-doing Soldier Field, we all knew that they should have placed it way out in the far western suburbs, preferably the northwest. I suggested the site of the old Poplar Creek Music Theater. Big site, easily able to create massive lanes of on/off access to I-90, and a mammoth amount of property within which to put a gigantic tailgating lot. Like this one.

Isn’t that nice?

Have you ever been to Miller Park? Great access, huge tailgating lot, tons of bathrooms, huge concourses. I am not saying that the exit out of a baseball game is instantaneous from Miller Park and have never been to the Arrowhead Stadium complex above. But either are light years ahead of what we have now at Soldier Field. Shame on Chicago. I bet people from other cities laugh at our “game day experience”.

For whatever reason, be it graft, or whatever, the ugly new Soldier Field was kept in the same place it was since the original construction over three quarters of a century ago.

The reason I am talking about this is because starting next football season, things around Soldier Field are going to get…interesting…due to the construction of the Star Wars Museum on the South Lot.

I got a letter from Ted Phillips the other day and here it is.

Dear xxx,

Since the design and location of The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art were unveiled, we have worked with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District to ensure your voice was heard and your game day experience was enhanced. As you may have recently heard, we have reached an agreement with the City and Park District to bring added benefits to game days. As of today, here is what we can share:

– There will be no changes during the 2015 season.
– Upon the project’s completion, we will have more parking (estimated 1300
additional) and more tailgating (estimated 200 additional) spaces than currently
exist on the museum campus. The experience will be different, as the south lot will no longer exist, but we have ensured the great tradition of tailgating will continue on the lakefront.
– A new parking garage will be built on the west side of Lake Shore Drive at 18th Street with tailgating spots on the top level.
– The construction timeline is estimated at three years with a projected start in spring of 2016.
– During construction, we have established parking on Northerly Island and additional satellite parking sites to replace the south lot spaces. They will include
Grant Park, south of McCormick Place at 31st Street and the Michael Reese site. These lots will include free shuttles for fans who utilize them on game days. We anticipate the 2016 season will be the first impacted by the project. Details regarding how parking coupons will be allocated to these lots are still being determined.
– We are working with the City and Park District on traffic studies to identify the best ways to bring people on and off the museum campus both during construction and after completion of the project.
– We have new marketing revenue opportunities which will be directly invested into future improvements at Soldier Field to further enhance your game day experience.

While we have secured important fan amenities, there is still work to be done. We have stressed to the City and Park District from the beginning, Bears Season Ticket Holders remain our priority. We understand there are many more questions that will arise throughout this process. As we learn more details as it relates to your experience, we will continue to communicate with you. Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips will be joining Jeff Joniak tonight from 6:30-7:30 PM on WBBM 780 for the Chicago Bears Coaches Show to discuss the Lucas Museum project among other topics on Bears football.

Our Ticket Sales & Service staff is also available for questions at (847) 615-BEAR. We appreciate your patience during this project. Our goal remains to deliver the best fan experience to you.

Thank you and Go Bears!

Chicago Bears Ticket Sales & Service

Oh boy wouldn’t that be great to be tailgating SOUTH of McCormick place and take a shuttle to the game? You might as well tailgate in Kankakee. And Northerly Island? You will have to leave at the end of the third quarter to have any realistic shot of leaving by 6pm on a noon start. Those are just for starters.

Carl and I agree that this will be a complete and total disaster, and that likely the only thing to get done from this list is that they destroy the South Lot.