It’s No Coincidence…

These two facts are not unrelated.  I agree with Dan and other sensible fans that it makes sense to leave Glennon in because this season is already lost and we might as well leave in Glennon to get killed rather than start the inevitable process of wearing down Trubisky until he is broken like all Bears QB’s of the modern era.

But I can’t see the Bears dealing well with the continual firestorm of outraged fans who want to see SOME sort of reason for hope; and right now about the only speck of hope is Trubisky.


Bears vs. Bucs

Well, today is the debut of one Tanner Gentry, and let the Tannerpalooza begin!

Life in the Cheap Seats

Want to sum up our Bears’ experience?  Here’s the view in the cheap seats of the last play of our loss to Atlanta when Giraffe Neck Glennon got sacked on the final play.

It was a beautiful day… took about an hour to get out of the damn stadium since we stayed until the last play.

Minor Disagreement

So Carl and I were going back and forth texting the other day about who was the biggest Bears bust of all time, Kevin White or Curtis Enis.

White has played 5 games, making little to no contribution, and is surely to be released after being on the IR again all this year (while collecting his guaranteed salary, I might add) – while Enis played in thirty something games, and also sucked out loud.  I guess it would be fair to see how much Enis got paid and compare the two via inflationary dollars but I am too lazy for that.  Money wasn’t the big argument anyways.

One side says White is the biggest bust because he was the 7th overall choice and gave zero to the team, while the other side claims Enis was a bigger bust because he consistently sucked and was taking up a valuable roster spot.

I won’t tell you who took which side, but I would like to hear from our tens of readers who they think is the bigger bust.

Bears vs. Falcons

Opening Day, and even though we have to suffer through watching the Bears, it is still football. Carl and I will be there at Soldier Field with 65k of our closest friends for today’s festivities.  God help us.

Cut Day

As opposed to years past when we went from 90 to 75 to 53 guys, today we go straight from 90 to 53 and. Already gone are Cruz and Shaw. I will perhaps ugpdate this post if we get any surprises today.

Update – Aguayo gone. Thank God.

Update – Tanner Gentry gone. We were really rooting for this udfa to make the team but maybe they will keep him foe the practice squad.

Update – Harold Jones-Quartey and Josh Rounds gone, neither are a surprise. Kadeem Carey starts the year on IR which probably means that Lamgford will make the team. He was on the fence with Cohen’s good showing in camp.

Update – McPhee starts the year on the PUP list. He is great when healthy but sheesh he has hardly played for the Bears. I’m getting ready to call that a free agent bust soon.

Update – now McPhee is on the team. Lamarr Houston to the IR and that sets him up for an injury settlement.

Bears vs. Browns Pre Season

Well, the fourth and final pre season game tonight.  I am guessing that starters play one or two series if that.  Should be interesting to see Trubisky out there for a while as well.