I Would Like To Hear From Some People

So all of the Cutler haters, you can make your voice heard now, since he is likely gone and we go back to horrible qbs like MATT BARKLEY, which is totally insane if you think about it.

I would also like to hear from all of the assholes who, on these pages in the comments, were bitching and screaming when the Bears screwed the pooch and blew the Bruce Arians deal. Well, he has since won exactly ONE playoff game (an awesome one at that, beating the Packers in a heartbreaker) and looks to be all but dead in the playoff chase this year.

That is all, for now.

Bears vs. Niners

Hopefully Kaep will get a decent helping of boos today, if there is anyone at Soldier Field for this Game Of The Week. Cutler is done now, so all of the haters can start in on someone else.

Bears vs. Titans

I swear I thought I had seen it all with regard to injuries, but this year takes the cake. What is going on with that? Anyways, another loss coming today versus the resurgent Titans.

Bears vs. Giants

What a season. I am not sure if there will be (yet another) a house cleaning at the end of the season again. So many buyouts for so many coaches. The McCaskeys must just be killing themselves trying to figure out a way to win. Or not? Anyways, here comes another loss in New York today.

Bears vs. Bucs

The season grinds on, with the Bears facing Famous Jameis.

A Worse Game Day Experience Than Soldier Field

Recently I went to see a Chargers game in San Diego. First off, let me just say that city is beautiful and the weather is awesome and it would be great if I could live in a climate like that year round. But I can’t so let’s start with the hating.

Not only is their stadium a colossal dump, their beer prices are just crazy. These are worse even then Soldier Field.


Hey but at least they have cheerleaders. One of our favorite threads here is how much we hate the stoooopid drum line at the Bears and how we need to bring back cheerleaders.


Their “big screen” was hilariously tiny. I think Dan’s TV is bigger than this. And when the field was in shadows you couldn’t even see the screen. This place is a time machine.


The team has alienated their fan base by threatening to move a thousand times and spending zip on the stadium so that it gets so old that they have to have a new one. A couple days after I left San Diego they voted down funds for a new taxpayer-funded stadium so I guess this will just continue until they find a town dumb enough to subsidize some zillionaire owner since San Diego won’t do it. But just my luck – I sit behind literally the last local guy who cares about the Chargers and he is all Bartman-like with headphones on and stands most of the time.


One more time – get rid of the drum line and get cheerleaders – nice calendar.


Bears vs. Queens

Well, are we going to get a Halloween horror show? My guess is yes, but I will still probably watch to see the funny costumes at Soldier Field.

Rumors are already starting about Fox getting canned – that means work for us here at FJF on the masthead but as always we are up to the task. We will know if the rumors are true if and when Fox gets the dreaded vote of “confidence”.