Bears vs. Raiders

Should be an interesting one today at Soldier Field.  A few things to watch:

David Carr and Amari Cooper are future stars and should eat up the Bears d quite easily.  Look at big number 76 at right guard for the Raiders – that is ex-Bear J’Marcus Webb and he is a completely changed man.

LaTavius Murray is a very good running back for the Raiders as well.

On defense, the Raiders middle linebacker Khalil Mack is a homewrecker.

It is going to hurt to see Clausen play live.

Rock Bottom

We punted every time we got the ball yesterday.  10 times.  Hasn’t been done since 1980.  We crossed into the Seattle end of the field once.

I would say that we are at rock bottom.  The d clearly has moved forward a half step, however, hassling and sacking Russell Wilson.

Still, I don’t think there are too many arguments at this point that the Bears are currently the worst team in the league.

Which makes for an interesting rest of the season.  I am guessing that Fox and Pace will use the rest of this miserable year as an audition for next years team.

More interesting to me is to see who will be traded as the season grinds on.  There will be teams who are on the verge of playoffs who will be calling for our few stars.  Forte won’t be around next year, so why not trade him and get something good?  Will Cutler be moved?  This could all bode well for the future of the Bears.

To me, that is the interesting part of the season that is left.  The rest of this years games are just a sideshow.

Update: Well, that was fast. Jared Allen traded to the Panthers for a 6th rounder. Good riddance.

Update 2: Now our leading tackler from last year Jon Bostic is gone to the Patriots for a 6th rounder.  This one is sort of odd in the fact that he hasn’t seen the field all year, but he must not have been working in the 3-4.

Update 3: So long Brock Vereen.

Bears vs. Seahawks

The Bears hit the road for a game against the defending NFC Champs.  Carl will be there to cheer the Bears on and bring home the victory!

More seriously, we had a friendly discussion the other day and are pretty sure that the Bears are one of the worst 2 or 3 teams in the league.

Take a deep breath if you are going to watch this one, because it is going to be ugly.

Season Over

I think it is pretty obvious to everyone (with the possible exception of Nesby), that this season is basically over for the Bears after two games.  Does anyone think there is really any chance for the Bears to make the playoffs this season?

We called this here on these pages some time ago.  It was painfully apparent even before the Jennings release that Fox and Pace were completely tanking this year, and making roster moves to clear the decks, and start over in a year or two.  I expect more failure next year.  Nobody will ever admit that, but the Jennings release cemented this theory for all but the most obtuse and hard headed.

And frankly, I don’t have a problem with it.  Don’t be surprised to see more moves that look goofy in the coming season.

In the comments of the last post, an interesting discussion of sorts has started about Bear fan apathy.  Astute commenters GFV and dvxprime have noted the lack of traffic here and the lack of fan concern elsewhere.  This is partially right, and partially wrong.

We typically chug along at 20 hits a day here.  After game one and two, that total more than tripled.  While 70 hits is totally small beer, triple the traffic after TWO games is interesting.  In the last weeks of the Trestman and Smith eras we were getting over a thousand hits a day, and the idiots that traffic brings.  Those were good times.  But I digress.

I think people won’t be googling “Fire John Fox” and “Fire Ryan Pace” en masse for a while.  Most realize that to start over, you have to clear the decks and in the salary cap era, it takes several years to unwind the mistakes of the past and move forward.  This will be no different.

Trust me.  Pace and Fox don’t like to lose, and neither does Ma or Boy George.  They will be cringing when they see a half full stadium in December.  But it is what has to be done.  So get ready for more losing.

Cardinals vs. Bears

OK game two, here we go.  I am actually pretty happy with the teams performance against the Slack last week.  Fox seems to have gotten a lot out this crap roster, at least through game one.  Jared Allen is easily the most overpaid person on the roster.

Bears vs. Slack

So the Fox/Pace era begins.  With a loss, I predict.  If we lose by 14 or less, I would consider that a minor victory, looking at this roster.

Final Cuts

Here is a new thread for the weekend, as final cuts come down, and we see what our team/practice squad looks like for this year.  Feel free to comment on any surprises (or anything else) you see in the comments.  Have a good Labor Day Weekend!