Ed O’Bradovich Calls Out Ron Turner for Poor Play Calling

Ed O’Bradovich the former Bears great and radio host was on Public Televisions’ Chicago Tonight talking about our horrendous loss to the Bengals on Sunday. His comments are pretty much EXACTLY what we say over and over on this blog. I took down notes from his interview.

“When we run the football we run it from an I or an Ace formation… you don’t see 1 back or 2 backs split out over the guards, 2 backs on the same side (and then he went through a bunch of other formations)… all we do is run up the middle.

Then the host asked him “Why don’t we see that stuff?”

“That’s a good question. I wish somebody would ask Ron Turner that question.

“And you know what? You think our opponents don’t know that? They know every play we are going to run”

THERE you have it. The “I Formation of Death” and the fact that, as Dan puts it, we’d bet green cash money that everyone knows the plays we are going to run and that they are so damn predictable.

But wait, there’s more.

“You think it is preparation? You think it has to do with the coaching?”

“Absolutely. Do they have 53 players on the team who don’t get it? Or do the coaches? I choose to believe that we have some pretty good football players. They need better direction”

Or you can just say it a bit more directly, Ed… FIRE RON TURNER!


4 responses to “Ed O’Bradovich Calls Out Ron Turner for Poor Play Calling

  1. Ed has been going a bit nutty over the years, but his points in this interview are remarkably lucid.

  2. Same Run plays EVERY SINGLE TIME. The only variation is whether we go off the right or left guard. To stop the Bears all any team needs to do is rush 3 Men and plug each guard hole with a LB. Since apparently Turner doesn’t believe in pulling linemen and we have ineffective lead blockers, this gets stuffed every time.

    Matt Forte isn’t Craig Heyward or Jerome Bettis, he is a little RB, he would benefit from some HB tosses or slants off the ends, plus this will keep opposing defenses on their toes. Add to this a good pulling lineman as a lead blocker and you have the variety you need to keep the defenses guessing.

    Seriously, if I was an opposing defense, I would only rush 3 men, block the gaps with 2 linebackers and then take away all passing lanes from Jay Cutler, with the occasional blitz thrown in to manhandle our senior citizens.

    Next, Olin Kreutz is horrible. When one quarterback mishandles snaps, that may be his fault (Rex Grossman), when EVERY SINGLE quarterback mishandles snaps, that is the center’s fault.

    Defense: The cover-2 only works when you have big beefy linemen and very fast athletic DBs and LBs, which the bears really don’t anymore. The Bears are no longer trying to outmuscle the Offensive linemen since they do that pick a direction and dive BS. That is a coaching problem and signals that you have no faith in your defensive linemen.

    All of these problems, save for the Olin Kreutz thing are coaching problems.

  3. Absolutely True. Our run offense has no variation what so ever, forte is a good back that needs to build speed up to make runs better but running into the defense line is not going to help him. Forte has never been tossed the ball, has never lined up in wildcat, and is getting tortured by turner. As far as the passing play goes, no variation also. No more screens thrown to forte. It’s all the coachings fault plain and simple. I can absolutely do better than Turner at his job and i’m only 24.

  4. I could not agree more. This is an excellent website. I have been calling for Turner to be fired for years. We have two of the fastest men in the league in Hester and Knox, a huge arm in Cutler, and yet we never throw the deep ball. Last year we lost a couple of games because of Turners play calls. The FB dive got stuffed so badly, so many times, that John Madden himself was ripping it. He said that the FB dive is bad play to begin with, and that when something doesn’t work you take it out. Turner finds something that doesn’t work and runs it over and over. Where is the wildcat with Hester or Forte? Where is the WR reverse to Hester or Knox? Where is the deep ball to Hester or Knox? Where is Greg Olson down the middle for 20 yards? FIRE RON TURNER NOW!

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