Open Thread for Bears Packers

This should be the final nail in the coffin for the entire Bears coaching staff. Sorry I am a bit late with this.


46 responses to “Open Thread for Bears Packers

  1. Cripes, already 7-0 and a potential TD under review. I am SO happy I am not there.

  2. First drive – 8 yard pass, from shotgun (to give Cutler 2 seconds), incomplete pass, then a 3rd and 2 run formation that was completely useless Green Bay swarms into the backfield and just kill Forte. It is like there is no blocking at all.

  3. WOW that was a TD, we got away with that one.

  4. Huh. I wonder who screwed up on that one, Knox or Cutler.

  5. EIGHT plays in the first quarter for the Bears. Sparkling.

  6. When they go back to look at overall offensive stats, assuming we make some kind of minor flurry late in the game when it is out of reach, just remember that when it counted in the first quarter it was

    – continuous penalties and offensive miscues
    – terrible third down calls (a SCREEN on 3rd and 20 +, a pathetic run play that looked like a jailbreak)
    – bad turnovers

  7. At least I am getting my xmas cards done this game is only a minor distraction

  8. haha agreed I am getting other things done as well.

  9. we are damn lucky to only be down by less than 2 TD’s

    so time to start the 2nd quarter with a 3 and out

  10. Nice three and out to start the second quarter. ugh.

  11. Nice hold there, punt Packers.

  12. Hooray! first down! And the Bears get the Bronx cheer.

  13. Third and 18 after that disastrous screen play and a no chance bomb.

  14. ‘Shoudou whiffed on blocking Woodson so he tackles Forte in the backfield.

  15. BEAUTIFUL throw Cutler. Man we should use him like that all the time.

  16. Touchdown! It is all Cutler now

  17. I bet Cutler goes back to the pro bowl once Cowher is the coach.

  18. I can’t believe we are down only 13-7 at the half.

  19. haha Bilick is trashing Ron Turner without saying as much.

  20. Terrible throw Cutler, but KNOX with the great adjustment.

  21. Can’t believe that we are LEADING this game. That was a heck of a drive. Some under thrown balls but the receivers made the plays. Even some decent runs in there, too. Do you think that we actually made some ADJUSTMENTS at halftime? If so that’s astounding, too.

  22. There is NO WAY that Turner made adjustments, just Cutler and the receivers playing out of their asses. The D is stepping up a bit too.

  23. Of course as soon as I say that, a huge third down conversion Pack.

  24. Lovie, what the fuck! We don’t have a chance for the playoffs, go for it!

  25. Dammit Olsen, break a tackle just ONCE would you.

  26. That interference was horseshit. The guy who was right in front of the play didn’t toss that flag, it came from way on the other side of the action. Things that make me say hmmm.

  27. From the body language it looks lke Knox blew that route.

  28. Chris Williams cannot handle Clay Mathews at all. What a joke.

  29. Wow NICE throw Cutler to Olsen, we should challenge this.

  30. Lovie you dumb fuck. He calls a time out then challenges? Argh!

  31. Oh fuck, there goes the time outs and your JOB Lovie. By the way, that looked like a catch to me by Olsen.

  32. And then a tiny screen pass on 3rd and 22

    At least he got a bit of time

  33. What a series to end it with. All of the things we love. No chance bomb, false start, Cutler gets killed with no time, crappy run.

  34. Well, Cutler was playing just fine until he decided to once again be a dipshit and throw that interception that led to the Packers score. It doesn’t help that offensive line sucks too. I am getting sick of typing the same shit every fucking week.

  35. You and me both Fro. Cutler’s receivers to his credit had no clue where they were going the whole game fwiw. This should be the final nail in the coffin to get rid of all the coaches after playing out the string this year.

  36. It should be Dan. But just to make sure this indeed happens, something awful should happen in week 17 against the Lions. I don’t know why I was caring about today’s game (Too loyal?). But if they happen to lose against Detroit, I will be expecting shit to hit the fan immediately after.

  37. I was actually pulling for the Bears to win today, I think it is just hard wired in me to cheer against the Packers. Of course it is better for us long term to lose out. I expect a loss to the Ravens and Queens (depending on who they play, they could be locked into the #2 seed by then). But I think we will beat the Lions.

  38. SINCE IT WAS MORE OF THE SAME HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL TODAY, I THOUGHT I’D WAIT TO SAY, $#@$#@#$%$^%aaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!! Does anybody else feel like Charlie Brown when you watch this crap?!? I mean even the Rams & Lions offenses look more professional than this JUNK! At least D’Shodu showed us what could have been if he had played all year! I expect a few whiffs/mistakes b/c he hasn’t had the reps, but 8 catches and a TD gives haters of DumbRon more ammo!

  39. Don’t worry T06, it will be over soon. Ron is a dead man walking, and perhaps all of the coaches/gm/etc.

  40. Yeah. I’m adding that to the prayer list, Christmas wish list! We gotta have at leat a million Bears fans willing to send $50 to buy these bums out of their contracts! Dan start another petition!

  41. Wow, again a horrible game, the Packers should have beaten us by a lot more than 7 this week. Classic Lovie there with the calling a timeout, then challenging the call on the field for Olsen’s catch. I’m actually hoping the Bears lose to Detroit next week, maybe we can completely clean house, not likely but hoping.

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