The Biggest Turkey


Although we are all cautiously optimisic about the Bears chances of making the playoffs, we still have plenty of turkeys to be “thankful” for in the Bears organization for the last quarter century. So lets hear it – who is the Bears biggest turkey? It can be a player, staff, or whoever.

My initial thought was Dan Pompei, but upon thinking further I put this honor squarely on Virginia McCaskey’s shoulders. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not all in for bashing an old lady. But man, what a tale of woe the Bears have been. We had a chance to get the chin – the fuckin’ chin and his organization! – in here and we failed. Instead we fired Ron and kept Lovie. Because I am sure that Virginia likes Lovie, and he doesn’t make waves. That is just one of the (sadly) many incredible moves (or non moves) that the Bears ownership has made in recent history that break my heart. Sigh.

Lets hear who your turkeys are in the comments. And Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that the Bears are in first place!


11 responses to “The Biggest Turkey

  1. My vote is for McCASKET’s old butt too! Not just for being the cheapest owner in the league; nor for having children as clueless as she is about running a NFL franchise (or burger franchise for that matter). Not for keeping Lovie again along with bringing in a M.A.S.H. unit for asst. coaches. But this nice old lady gets the TURKEY for hiring the DUMBEST, most INEPT GM the organization has ever seen!!! Who hires the guy that has 2 winning seasons out of 14 on his resume before coming to the Bears??? Oh the BEARS!!!! Gobble-Gobble Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed and show some love this holiday season!

  2. Wow this is a hard one to think about.

    As an INDIVIDUAL player, I’d have to go with Rex Grossman. I never really hated Orton because I didn’t think that he was capable of much; but Rex seemed to be able to be a big-time QB and then he fell apart when it counted, in the Super Bowl. Rex had it in his grasp and let it slip away; he coulda been a contender – if he won that Super Bowl he’d own that town even if the rest of his career was not too hot, a la McMahon.

    I’d have to go with Ron Turner as being the worst Turkey for a coach, because he wrecked the Illini and just plain sucked. He inspired our bar conversation (was that in Denver? It was a hotel somewhere) where we ranted and you said to me, well, then do something. And so was born FRT.

    But overall for wrecking the franchise it has to be Grandma McCaskey, just like you called it.

  3. My nomination would be Michael McCaskey

    The old lady allows him to call the shots but he keeps a very low profile, he’s nearly invisible. Make no mistake, momma may have the final say but little Mikie is calling the shots. He placed Phillips in charge to watch the bucks and run interference for him. Phillips then hired Angelo through a (gag) consultant.

    Michael McCaskey made the call to get rid of the Honey Bears and cut Ditka’s nuts off by first removing Jerry Vanisi and not resigning great players like Wilbur Marshall. Little Mikie was determined to show that he could run gramp’s team and has failed miserably.

    Since one hand washes the other, momma’s boy is my biggest turkey.

  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you.

    I guess I will go with Grossman on this one. I am tired of bashing the old lady mainly because no matter what happens, there still won’t be regime change or cheerleaders.

    With Grossman, he had the opportunity to give us our first Super Bowl title in 21 years and he fucked it all up. It would have been the first football championship in my lifetime and the best part would be that I would no longer have to keep hearing about the ’85 Bears. It annoys the shit out of me. Grossman was bad that whole game and yet they still had a chance to win it until that wonderful throw right into Bob Sanders hands for a touchdown.

  5. I’m going to be very general here.

    Every single person in the organization from Lovie Smith on up. I can place blame at every level for ineptness.

    On the Front Office for failing to recognize talent in the first rounds of the draft and in free agency.

    On Lovie Smith for not being able to coach up players at any point during his tenure here.

    On Jerry Angelo for hiring Lovie Dovie, passing on Chinkilla and Lucifer and a whole host of other, far more capable, head coaching talents.

    On Ted Phillips, the inept money manager, for hiring Jerry Angelo.

    On Mama’s Boy Mikey for letting Ted Phillips be in charge and not hiring a football person for the top.

    And on the old lady for allowing Mama’s Boy to ineptly run the show.

    The Bears are the most poorly run football organization this side of Al Davis. It starts at the top, and permeates through the entire team. About the only way this team regains glory is to cut the head off the beast. Somehow get the McCaskets to sell the team, or lose it in some way, shape, or form, and replace them with people with actual football knowledge, and this team instantly becomes better.

  6. Doshi – I read somewhere that the Bears are worth $1bb but should by rights be worth $2bb if they would just do things in a sane fashion, which they clearly can’t/won’t.

  7. Dan, WOW! $1bb down?!?! That’s because if Lil’ Mikey was 1/2 the MAN his MOMMY is then he would make decisions that moved the organization forward while keeping the FAN 1st! But we all know he’s still on the teet and can’t stand up straight yet!!!

  8. That’s a fantastic comment, T06.

    If only we could find somebody to run this team who is half the MAN that his grandpappy was…

  9. LOL. Doshi! Yeah, hopefully somebody falls in our lap before the next decade is out. I don’t want to be in my late 40’s and 50’s still worrying if our offense will ever be sound enough to win games, and if the draft each year is just so I can see how other teams pick the right people. Hey Dan as soon as the season wraps up PLEASE throw up a “wish list Mock Draft Board” for the Bears’ picks. Maybe we can help the dummies up top. I’m sure at least one of our sorry scouts or player personnel peanut heads reads this site!

  10. T06 – great idea, will do.

  11. I will say Michael McCaskey on this one, ditto to everything that has been said about him already, I even read somewhere Jim McMahon flat out called little Mikey an idiot for his ineptness. The honorable mention goes to Jerry Angelo for his crappy drafting and recruiting skills.

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