Jay Ratliff Cut

A bizarre series of events happened at Halas Hall a day or two ago, and it culminated in the cutting of Jay (I refuse to call him Jeremiah) Ratliff.

According to the article, Ratliff showed up to practice “not in a condition to work”.  What does that mean?  Odd.  Hungover?  The Bears sent him home and an argument ensued.

Then Ratliff came back twice more to Halas Hall and was sent away each time, the last time having an “intense vocal altercation” with Ryan Pace.  The cops were called but by the time they arrived, the confrontation had ended, except the part where Ryan Pace cuts Ratliff’s ass from the team hahaha.

I like this.  Pace and Fox don’t have time for this crap.  They are working hard (I feel) to turn this roster over and find who we want and don’t want.  If Ratliff can’t show up to practice in a condition to work, gtfo.  He is 34 anyways.  Not exactly the future of the team.  It will be interesting when the details of this start to leak.

By the way if you don’t follow Fake Ryan Pace on Twitter, you need to.  He sums it up pretty well here.


9 responses to “Jay Ratliff Cut

  1. Dan from what I read last night the speculation was that Ratliff was drunk when he showed up to Halas Hall & was then sent home only to return and argue both times with security officials standing close then police later arrived but didnt comment on the incident & described it as a minor incident. Aside from that, I truly hope Pace targets Nkemdechi (Ole Miss) or Jalen Ramsey (FSU) given the possibility of moving Fuller to FS or trading him all together. What are your thoughts?

  2. In all honesty do you think there’s a QB worth that high of a draft pick given that Cutler seems to have a grasp of the offense along with the learning curve a rookie will face in the NFL?

    • Dan from Madison

      Cutler is on the back end of his career. Even if he put up hall of fame numbers they have to get an eye on the future. Let him get beat up while the new guy gets here and learns.

    • Dan from Madison

      “that high of a draft pick” – wait a second – according to you, aren’t we making the playoffs this year?

      • Lol no matter where we fall in the draft we cant afford to throw away a 1st rd pick on a mediocre QB especially when none of the QB’s entering the draft are really worth it. Kid from Penn St is awful, Connor Cook isnt anything I would draft in the 1st rd.. Geoff threw 5 interceptions last week against Utah, (not impressed) & those are your top 3 can’t miss prospects coming out of college at QB.. I say retain Cutler pass on these Blaine Gabbert clones & use those picks to build the defense into a juggernaut.

  3. Eddie Goldman has played well at the nose tackle position while Ratliff sat out with a suspension. I liked Ratliff but he couldn’t stay healthy anyway. It was time to cut him.

    I’d say the Bears need to continue to draft help on defense in the offseason. So, as much as I hate to say this, Nesby…is…right…to a point. If some other quarterback can shine in the next few weeks, the Bears should take a look. If not, they are better off continuing to build the defense. If the Bears are to get seven picks in those rounds, they should get four players on defense and three offensive lineman.

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