Adding Value

Being a season ticket holder I get emails all the time from the Bears telling me how they are improving and adding to my “game day experience”. Most of these items add zero real value. Here is what us cheapskates in the west side upper deck want to see to add value to our game day experience at Soldier Field (these things will never happen).

1. Traffic plan – there is none. Every game it is anarchy and it is an all day project to go to and from the game.
2. More bathrooms – if you go when there is no action like in between quarters or halftime, it is hopeless. You will miss portions of the game.
3. Good food – rule number one is to never, ever eat anything at Soldier Field. I don’t even like getting soda there out of their fountain machines.
4. Etc. Etc.

But we have been through all of this before. This is the main reason that I only go to 2 or three games a year any more. That and the arctic cold.

Along these lines, I received an email from the Bears last week that may have taken the cake as regards the game day experience. For $50 I could buy a ticket into the Midway at Soldier Field. This was interesting to me so I checked it out. It is basically a sports bar at Soldier Field. You cannot see the game from the Midway except on TV.

So they want me to pay $50 to run myself through all of the hassle of fighting the traffic and everything else at Soldier Field to sit in a sports bar. I don’t get it. And to boot, the $50 is just the cover charge – it doesn’t include any food or drinks. Carl brought up a good point in that it might be a good place to warm up but $50 is steep when you can just go to the bathroom (if you can get in) and accomplish the same thing.

I wonder if Jerry Jones has ever been to a game at Soldier Field. If he has I am sure he laughs his ass off at what we go through to watch a football game.


6 responses to “Adding Value

  1. Agreed with this. I only go to two or three games a year. After the Monday Night game against Dallas two years ago (-40 wind chill), I refuse to buy tickets to any game in December. Even though I park at McCormick or take a bus/taxi from the South Side, it’s a pain in the ass.

    Let’s not forget the idiots in the South Lot. You two deal with them more than I do. Even though there are bathrooms, some of the drunken idiots think no one is watching them piss on other people’s cars. It is cluttered and a nightmare to get out. Years ago, I missed the exit for McCormick on accident. Then, security guards and people directing traffic yelled “Exit off 18th or by the Museum”. Okay, so I exit off 18th once and it’s blocked. The security person there tells me I need to go all the way to 31st and turn around. Not only does traffic control suck on game days, the people who are hired to do it don’t know which exits certain fans need to take.

    For the future, if there is a write-in part for what the Bears can do better to improve your game experience, tell them to put a better team on the field. I could care less how the weather is if they are winning team.

  2. I may be wrong but the Chicago NFL franchise has little to do with the facility operation and surrounding property.

    Doesn’t the Chicago Ministry of Parks operate the venue under a ham handed and unionized state run Politburo of Chicago?

    The McCaskets can take blame for The World Famous Drum Line and putting a stale product on the field. And that gay flag-waving 4th Phase nonsense too.

    As for the stadium loudness I blame the high counsel of NFL entertainment, always trying to turn a football game into an urban nightclub experience in order to attract that highly desirable and inebriated 18-34 male demographic with disposable income.

    Sadly, a larger stadium easily could have been built with a retractable and comfortable dome if Mayor Daly stood firm and the McCaskets had to dig deeper into their own pockets to fund it. Think of that when the local media refers to Indianapolis a “hick” town.

    To all of those greedy bastards the rest of us long time dedicated Chicago Bear football fans and our desire for a quality game day experience can go to hell. IMHO.

    • Dan from Madison

      In reality they should have put the new Soldier Field where Poplar Creek Music Theater used to be with good highway access and hundreds of acres of parking. But screw us as we have said. And HE’LL yes on the retractable roof. Good example on Indy.

  3. Dan from Madison

    Not sure what the arrangement is with the ministry of parks but I am pretty sure the Bears are getting a slice if the sports bar action since they sent me the invite.

    And yes, as far as Ma and George are concerned us hardcore football fans can diaf. God all we want is decent traffic and bathrooms and we don’t even get that.

  4. Dan from Madison

    I should add that the traffic will become exponentially worse when they put in that dumb Star Wars museum where the South Lot currently sits.

  5. Carl from Chicago

    It is true that the park district runs a bunch of stuff (very badly) but if the Bears gave a F’ then they would have fixed ’em. But they don’t. The rich Bear fans park right below the stadium and have an easy out (that’s why no one else can drive out that way) and everyone else is screwed.

    The Bears could easily fix their horrible food and drink selections but don’t care about that either. Their beer is grudgingly better now. Probably on the rich side of the stadium they are eating caviar out of a slipper for all I know but I am destined to be a cheap-seat guy.

    The bathrooms are an abomination. They re built the whole damn stadium and could have put more in. Of all the disastrous failures 1) lack of parking 2) lack of bathrooms 3) lack of dome are the most trying. These things could probably be fixed if Daley cared to do so… he had vast power but stopped short of dictatorship on these points.

    My 2 cents is that Jerry would cry because the NFL is kind of a communist organization and they share revenues and such and the NFL prospers a bit more if the Bears are good and have a good experience. The super bowl would have been awesome in Chicago because we have a billion hotel rooms and everyone can eat stakes and drink like hell. But that’s not happening and I’m sure if it ever does we will have the worst storm ever ha ha ha.

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