The Bears are not the worst team in the league, but they are close. However this year, something is different. We are trying. Sit back and think a bit about what we saw last year versus this year. Both teams out of the playoff race. I saw guys laying down last year. I am seeing effort this year.

I think Fox deserves some props on this. I also think that Pace is behind what I am seeing as a culture change. We saw with the Jay Ratliff episode that he isn’t taking shit from these guys. You are either on board or you aren’t. I, for one, see the difference.

We have heart. We lack talent. Get some talent in here and I think we will have some things to celebrate in a year or two. Maybe I am on crack but I don’t think so.


4 responses to “Effort

  1. Carl from Chicago

    A theory I am beginning to have is the importance of a system and effort in an era where top players are routinely hurt by injuries. Unless you can ensure that no one touches your QB like Rogers pretty much everyone seems likely to go down for the count. At that point you are in the “wins above replacement” AAA equivalent for the NFL and those guys are effectively infinite.

    So if you can have a team with a few AAA level guys and a few stars and you can be competitive, well you are likely to at least pick up a few extra games here and there, especially late in the season when everyone is worn down. No where are people more replaceable than in the NFL, with a few key exceptions (QB, elite receiver, and maybe in the secondary).

    One area that is a complete disaster for the Bears this year is special teams. We can’t keep having the “backbreaker” plays of giving up TD’s on returns and overall we seem to not be doing well in that area. I get that the offense is dead without Cutty (ha ha Pickles you are terrible) but special teams seems more “fixable” than finding a franchise QB. But what the hell do I know.

    Absolutely the coaches seem to know what they are doing and they are tapping into the natural rage and desire for hitting found by the types of players that make a good NFL team. As long as we are aggressive and punishing the other side on every down at least we are causing THEM injuries and dragging them down to our level of talent.


  3. Hey I just happened to stumble across this page today. I just wanted to say that I think the Chicago bears are being coached well. It seems silly to be so critical of a team during a year with no cap space and a completely new coaching staff. Of course mistakes are going to be made. Truth is these players are getting BETTER. For the last two years we were getting WORSE. To me that says the front office is doing what they are getting paid to do. I cant even remember the last time we were improving as a team.

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