We Will Soon See If Ryan Pace Gets It

Alshon Jeffrey is a free agent at the end of this season. We all know that.

Ryan Pace needs to sign the extension now. Why is this so urgent? We need to accelerate as much of Alshon’s signing bonus and salary into this season as we can. We are done for this year (and likely next year). Putting as much money as possible into this year does nothing but benefit us in later years when we may need a bit of cap room to put us over the top to reach a playoff spot. Phil Emery made the classic error of waiting until the season was over, and THEN signing Cutler to his deal, wasting a full year of salary cap pro-ration. That especially hurt us seeing the structure and size of Cutler’s contract and is likely one of the main reasons he is gone. He didn’t get it.

While we are at it, I wouldn’t mind seeing some cuts this year to free up cap room for players we don’t really have any intention of signing (Willie Young, among others) so we could get some more deals done. We need a short term extension for the Black Unicorn and I wouldn’t mind seeing Long get an extension even though we are still a year out on his deal. Again, accelerating Long’s money into this year and what is likely another “tank” year in 2016 does nothing but help the future.

The way the Bears are running Forte into the ground, I don’t think we have any intention of signing him, unless he would give us a sweetheart deal. He might have to anyways. The market for aging NFL running backs does not exist – especially ones over 30 with some injury history.

If the season ends and then we see Pace sign Jeffrey (wasting a year of salary cap pro-ration), we will know right then and there that he doesn’t get it. But I think he does.


4 responses to “We Will Soon See If Ryan Pace Gets It

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Do you see a lot of examples of teams restructuring their contracts mid season and re signing in this manner? Is this common? Are there a lot of examples of this from Over the Cap?

    Certainly it sounds great to move the money between seasons and push it into this season. Especially if we can pick up stone lunatics. And I don’t know why we are hanging on to guys like Young who hardly play need to take the hit on them now and clear up the room like you said.

    • Dan from Madison

      To answer your questions, yes, yes and yes.

      The problem is that at this time of year there aren’t really any stone lunatics to pick up. So we need bodies to play out the year. It really doesn’t hurt to have these veterans in practice either. While Young is obviously not part of our future plans, it is good to have him go up against our young guys like Hroniss who need experience. So it is sort of a catch 22.

      However, there is NO reason not to get Jeffrey re-upped NOW (or at least before the official season ends) and accelerate his money into this year.

      • Dan from Madison

        Now that I think about it I can’t remember that if we cut (for example) Willie Young right now if his weekly salary goes back into our salary cap “kitty”. For sure his signing bonus is a sunken cost. I will email Jason at OTC and find out.

        Regardless, we have room under the cap this year that we need to use up on Jeffrey.

        • Dan from Madison

          Predictably, Jason got back to me. You can’t just dump players, their salary is protected. HOWEVER, the vets have to go through the waiver process so if someone else picks them up you are relieved of that salary. If there was trade interest in Young it might be worth a gamble to try it. And in Young’s case he is hardly playing anyway so what is the difference if you pay him to sit the bench or sit at home. Then again, you still may want him around for practice.

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