Bears vs. Chargers

Not sure how late I will stay up for this one (I will probably watch it on GamePass – the condensed version in 30 minutes) but here is an open thread for the game.


5 responses to “Bears vs. Chargers

  1. Well, I don’t know what’s more exciting than watching a pair of two-win teams facing off in the middle of the season on Monday Night Football. I really wish the Bears had at least, two more wins to make it think they have a chance of contending, but that’s just not the case. I expect tonight’s game to be a continuation of the tire fire that is the 2015 Chicago Bears.

  2. Would it be much of a bother if the defense could actually cover a receiver? Rivers threw the ball with ease on that first drive.

  3. Carl from Chicago

    I watched the whole game after I taped it so that I could go through it without commercials. Boy I have never seen two teams as banged up as the Chargers and the Bears and we are only a bit more than half way through the season. It is absolutely crazy when teams are down to no extra receivers and no linemen and they are already playing scrubs off the practice squad or guys like Zach Miller who haven’t had a TD in like 5 years.

    Generally the Bears seem to be getting a lot of effort out of all their guys. No one seems to be dogging it. We have a ton of execution challenges and only a few “A” players out on the field but they worked the whole time.

    Forte wasn’t missed. Langford was way, way faster out there. Sure it is only a matter of time before Langford gets blown up but that’s life in the NFL where pretty much everyone is expendable, especially running backs.

    The crazy part of that game was that both the Bolts and Bears actually have top 10 QB’s playing that aren’t hurt. Can only imagine how sad it would have been with Pickles out there and whomever the hell backs up Rivers.

    Will have to see what happens as the Bears play some way better teams the next 3 weeks. They are 8 point underdogs to the Rams right now. If they can pull out a single win against the Rams, Broncos or Packers I’d view that as doing pretty well. They were able to run down some battered competition in the Bolts and we will see how they do against these much better squads.

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