Bears at Rams

This is a winnable game. The problem is our offense is a poor match against the Rams D but the vice versa applies as well.


5 responses to “Bears at Rams

  1. Carl from Chicago

    I am trying to be optimistic. I like watching Langford, he has some good moves until he is inevitably beaten down by the NFL and then instantly cast aside since all RB’s are disposable.

  2. Check the archives before the season started. I called this game a surprise victory for the Bears. Well, they have more wins than I thought they would at this point. But I tell you what, those two blown games against the Lions and Vikings are proving to be in the difference in the division. The Bears would just be a game behind for first place (since Packers own the tiebreaker). Well, they still are alive in the Wild Card.

  3. Dan from Madison

    That was a great game by the Bears. Some fantastic coaching calls were made and our team was playing like their ass was on fire. I think we can pretty conclusively say what we have been theorizing – Fox and his staff are great motivators. Give us another year or two to accumulate talent and we will be in the playoffs.

  4. Had a rare free Injun’ Summer Sunday afternoon to watch an entire broadcast Bear game. They rewarded me with some rare brilliance in both game management and on-field execution. Not sure how sustainable this is. I’ll take why I can get even if it’s for only one game. You all should as well.

    Playoff talk and/or what if’s? Spare me.

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