Bears Playing Well, Clausen Gone

The Bears played a hell of a game on Sunday. We came up short, as teams who are not as talented typically do, but a few notes.

We never gave up. Fox has clearly instilled an attitude of never giving up and every guy is playing like their ass is on fire. I really like that. Once this team gets some talent, we will be good. Very good.

Our old friend James “Pickles” Clausen got waived. I think this has something to do with a dark overlord of the past.
It has pleased me to no end to see Trestman flailing in Baltimore and watching the Ravens suck is always great in general. I still have angst over the Ravens beating the 49ers in the Super Bowl and costing me $$$ but I digress as usual.

However, with Flacco getting his ACL exploded (there is a god) in the last game, I think Trestman was sniffing around Fales due to his past experiences. Fales was on the practice squad. Teams can cherry pick your practice squad at any time. So the Bears just cut Pickles and promoted Fales to be the backup, which is smart. See ya Jimmy.
Good job to Fox and Pace for protecting Fales. Fales isn’t the next Brady, but he can’t be worse than Clausen. Hopefully.


3 responses to “Bears Playing Well, Clausen Gone

  1. Guys,

    FIrst, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It sucks I haven’t seen you guys lately at games, so I am praying I get to early on next season. This season has sucked.

    I do have to disagree with how the game on Sunday. I thought Fox and Gase made some really bad calls. First, they should have taken the points on that 4th and goal with about ten minutes to go in the game. The Bears couldn’t score a touchdown all game and they should have taken those points when they had the chance. This was what did them in.

    Then, of course, they actually score in the final minute. Ka’Deem Carey was successful running the ball but ended up getting knocked out of the game. Langford was getting stuffed all game. I am all about running the football, but not on that two-point try.

    John Fox cannot manage a game properly. A few hosts on The Score said it perfectly about him: He’s a great coach Monday through Saturday but a terrible one on Sunday. Some people said the same thing about Lovie Smith.

    And for Fales, it is all but obvious that it was Trestman trying to get him. The Ravens ended up claiming Clausen right after.

    • I completely agree we should have taken that FG but I see the other side too. Gambling is one of the only ways we can eke out success since we simply don’t have the talent for it. Yet.

      I disagree with Fox managing a game – I haven’t seen anything too egregious so far. Time will tell on that.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    I would say that I’m by far the least football savvy on this thread but here’s my 2 cents.

    I don’t think you can separate the “play calling” from the “game approach” that Fox has. He has taken a team that was UTTERLY TERRIBLE the back half of last year and for the first few games this season and made them into a VERY COMPETITIVE team. Whether or not we won against the Broncos yesterday, we certainly gave them a run for their money down to the last play. And the Broncos have an outstanding defense and a better record.

    So basically he’s retooled the whole thing to optimize the players that he has on the roster. He’s taken our makeshift offensive line and made it so that it isn’t a laughingstock, by linking it with our offensive sets. He’s making it work with basically no decent wide receivers.

    When I think of his “game management” he is probably figuring that “I have to take chances to win this game” and that’s why he’s going for the TD. In the long haul the Broncos would win. But if he can take a higher risk, he probably figures that he might be able to pull it off.

    I think that you have to look at the whole, not the parts. Somehow through coaching, leadership, innovation, and smarts he’s taken a bunch of below average talent-wise players and has us with a team that seems like (for now) that we can play with most anyone in the NFL (sure the Pats would kill us, but they would kill everyone). I don’t think that you can look at play calling and game management as an independent component – they are one integrated whole, especially since our talent is overall below average.

    Just my 2 cents.

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