Bears vs. Niners

A very winnable game for the Bears today which would put us at .500. Hats off to Fox so far for taking this bunch of scrubs and getting everything he can out of them.


7 responses to “Bears vs. Niners

  1. Not looking good so far. First, Cutler with an interception for a touchdown. Now, Blaine Gabbert is looking invincible.

    It also appears that the Bears just gave up a safety.

  2. My bad. I thought it would be a safety because a dumbass on the Bears touched the ball and it ended up rolling into the end zone after.

    This is getting ugly.

  3. Robbie Gould with a missed field goal. What an overrated piece of crap.

  4. What the absolute fuck? How do the Bears let Blaine Gabbert, who looks NOTHING like Michael Vick in his prime, run for a 44 yard touchdown? Goddamit, why does this team keep getting assclowned by scrub QBs?

  5. Fuck this bullshit, I’m watching MLS Cup…

  6. Fuck Robbie Gould. It’s time for this guy to be released. I have had it. He has lost games for this team over the last few years. I am sick and tired of it.

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