Bears vs. Redskins

Damn I hate the Redskins. This game is winnable like last week (and we all saw what happened there) so here’s hoping for a victory.


18 responses to “Bears vs. Redskins

  1. They always seem to play to our level of competition and that pisses me off. Competitive YES they are but for some odd reason there is no killer instinct to really put bad teams away. Coaching gets very conservative & its costed us 4 games (Lions, Vikings, Broncos & 49ers). Open the damn playbook offensively to start the game & let our defense build on the momentum to carry us through the game.

    • Dan from Madison

      It appears that your predicted playoff run may be coming to an end, Nesby.

      • Indeed it has but as an afterthought doesn’t seem so far fetched now looking back on it.. We were close.. very damn close but lack of talent or effort for that matter in the 49ers game did us in.

        • Dan from Madison

          Besides offense, defense, special teams, and a general lack of talent we were “this close” to your predicted 11-5 record.

          • Dan from Madison

            And I completely disagree with you on lack of effort. Fox is getting what he can out of what he has.

            • That 49er game they were expecting the 9ers to lay down so in that game alone lack of effort did us in.. Bears were sleep walking through the entire game. Wanna know how?.. Gabbert 48 yard TD run tells it all.

  2. Unless the Bears decide to start playing for their jobs (as bears or elsewhere) I can honestly see them mailing it in for the rest of this season. Too many choke jobs, and even in this mediocre NFC, no real shot at the playoffs.

  3. Well, the Bears will lose this game because Kenny Albert is calling it. And if you check history, big games involving Chicago teams with him announcing it turn into losses. I call him “The Kiss of Death” to Chicago sports.

  4. Another opening-drive touchdown for an opposing team against the Bears this season.

  5. Carl from Chicago

    The Bears were 0-3 at the start.

    Then for the last 10 games it essentially has come down right to the 4th quarter – almost the last play of the game.

    Thus if they win half those games which is what the odds ought to say then they are 3 losses plus 5 losses plus 5 wins which is 5-8 which is right where they are today.

    The entire NFL now is a crapshoot with formerly terrible teams getting much better and formerly great teams looking bad. Unless you’ve got Pickles starting it seems like you’ve got a chance.

    Of course the actual question is – “why does it come down to the last play of the game? Why can’t they put away the competition sooner?” That’s a good question but one for the higher knowledge guys than me. All I know is that we’ve seen all these games come down to the last play / 4th quarter / and the Bears and the opponent are slugging it out.

    The whole NFL is just a f’ing crapshoot with zillions of injuries. None of these teams we’ve played can be that great if the damn Bears took em down to the final play. When I look at the power rankings we’ve played lots of the higher ranked teams and played em close (except for Carolina… that would be interesting… maybe they’d crush us like the healthy Pats would I don’t know.)

    • Dan from Madison

      Pats just lost their starting RB so they have some serious challenges going into the post season. No team has been that beat up but Belichick doesn’t care.

      • My good childhood buddy Jonas Gray just told me he’s been contacted by the Pats for a workout, so we’ll see if they bring him back aboard.

      • Belichick doesn’t care. Why? Because he somehow, picks someone who looks like a normal dude, puts a uniform on him and makes him relevant. I wish the Bears had a coach like that. People can talk about spygate, deflategate, whatevergate they want, but even after all of that, the Patriots are always winning.

        • False equivalence. There is Belichick, and there is everybody else. It really isn’t fair to compare him. It helps to have BRADY there and Brady’s wife makes so much money that Brady can just say “I wanna win” and have a contract that undervalues him by a factor of around 2.5 so the team can have money to spread around the corners of the cap. It is a unique and special situation that will likely never happen again.

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