Shutting It Down

Per the great math nerds over at NFL Playoff Status, the Bears have an approximate 1% chance of making the playoffs this year. That puts a lot of interesting things into play.

Before I go there, let’s not make excuses. Fox has said and admitted that we are what we are. Even George and Ted have said that. So no injury or poor play excuses. We are what we are. And that is not a playoff team.

With that out of the way, there are a ton of roster moves that have been recently made, with many more to come. The reason is that there is no real chance that we will make the playoffs as stated above. Time to shut guys down, and give others a tryout in real game conditions (this is valuable).

Marquess Wilson and Antrelle Rolle have both been shut down and are on IR along with the Black Unicorn (who will probably not be seen again in a Bear uniform). Word on the street is that Pernell will join them on IR and that is also a good move. Ziggy Hood just got cut and there are a slew of practice team guys that will see the field over the next three weeks. Our seventh overall choice in the 2015 draft Kevin White has been shut down. For his performance this year, Kevin White received a $10,305,852 signing bonus (prorated on the cap over four years) plus $435,000 salary. Now that’s value!

The Bears have had a bunch of guys in for tryouts as well.

This is all good and a normal part of any rebuilding program. Nobody in their right mind expected this team to do much this year anyways. I would hope that our core players such as Long, Jeffrey, and McPhee (and maybe one or two others) will start seeing fewer plays.

Oh yes one other person is shut down. Dan from Madison is taking a week off with the family for some much needed rest so I won’t be watching the game on Sunday. I have the thread set up so you guys can chime in on what you see against the Queens. Have a Merry Christmas and I will see you after the holiday.


5 responses to “Shutting It Down

  1. Might as well. Next two games are road games (Minnesota and Tampa Bay), so no sense putting out our starters so they can get assclowned by teams with an actual shot at the playoffs. I hope that home finale has a mostly empty Soldier Field. It would serve the McCasketts right for too many years of incompetence on the field and the coaching staffs.

    Maybe John Fox and company can actually coach like they’re worth a damn for the rest of the season?


  3. Guys, this sucks. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me that every year, I really pray that this gets better. DVX has mentioned it many times along with myself that the Bears should have had at least, three more wins than they currently do. All of the late game failures have made them who they are. It’s not fun. It sucks the football life out of me. I know there are other games I could watch, but when the Bears suck, it doesn’t make those games much more fun either.

    I am praying, as always, for next season to be better. I want the Bears to be contenders and they should have been this year. A lot of these mistakes are mental. I look forward to the Bears drafting smart players who know where to be on the field at all times and who know the plays. And please, let’s fine a kicker who won’t remind me of Carlos Huerta.

    • I think that the Gould angst is misplaced. Sure, he missed a couple of clutch kicks the past few weeks. But over the years he has been close to automatic. Every kicker misses once in a while. He is still one of the finest in the league. He could get cut next year with a minimal dead money hit ($1.2mm) but that is unlikely. What you have to look at are the alternatives – and that will tell that tale.

      As for the Bears in general, this isn’t Fox’s team. This a crap team that Fox inherited from a past regime, most of which are gone. Fox took these guys and has arguably gotten more out of less than any coach in the league this year. We have been in so many games – with a couple more years of talent infusion playing under this system I think we will be fine. I say give Fox two more seasons and then if we are still also-rans, time to start over (again).

  4. Carl from Chicago

    I see that they are competitive every game. And they have only a few guys that can make the rosters of great teams. So I am hopeful for the future.

    But agreed that it sucks to watch them lose and the home losses have been crushing. It isn’t much fun this year. But it is better than last year where we were just getting run over defensively. I just stopped watching.

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