Improvement – But is it Enough For You?

At this time last year we had a complete and total train wreck of a season coming to a crash ending, with the players hating the coaches and a ton of embarrassing events across the organization. When last year came to a close, everyone got canned besides some of the very top brass.

So what do we have this year? Well, we are at least one win better going into Sunday’s game, and imho, we have a new direction. I have not seen any of the bickering or sniping of the coaches that I saw last year. When Jay (I refuse to call him Jeremiah) Ratliff went bonkers he immediately got cut – that wouldn’t (and didn’t) have happened last year. We ditched Brandon Marshall I assume because of his locker room antics (who is having a nice year in New York) and ate a ton of money to get rid of Jared Allen for poor on field performance. It has been a continuing theme that no matter what you think or hear, the ownership is NOT afraid to spend money on this team. But you can’t just go out and buy superstars in the NFL. It takes time.

Will you give these Bears another year or two go get their act together? Was the effort we saw this year on every play enough to keep you around? It is enough for me. John Fox has gotten more out of this bunch of guys than anyone in the NFL could have. The effort is there. We just don’t have the talent. Like I said earlier – you can’t just import talent. You have to draft it and bring in the right guys from free agency that work well in your system. McPhee was a solid contributor and a great fit. We need more like this but it will take time.

I, for one, notice a huge difference in how the team is handling itself and the general attitude put forth from Halas Hall. We aren’t there yet, but it is early in the re-build. I will give them another year or two (tops). Here’s hoping I am right.


One response to “Improvement – But is it Enough For You?

  1. Carl from Chicago

    I think they are better. They have been competitive in almost all of the last dozen or so games (after the first 3 losses). That damn loss to the Vikings stings but we did much better vs. Lovie. Hope they go out on a high note vs. the hated Lions.

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