Bears 2015 Season Ends

The Bears stumbled their way to a 6-10 record this year and Halas Hall has all of the typical pressers lined up today. I have already received a “we love you” email to the season ticket holders from the office. I will be interested to hear what Pace has to say, and to see how George handles things as well. We never hear a lot from George (and never from ma) so I am always intrigued to try to read into his words, tones and inflections.

I honestly think that everyone will put on a happy face. Sure, we were 6-10 but the end of this season isn’t like last year where the wheels were completely off the cart. We were at least competitive in most games. I understand that this isn’t good enough and I am sure everyone at Halas Hall understands this as well.

The Bears new office staff and coaches have instilled a new attitude and I for one am happy about it. Where in the past idiots like Jay (I refuse to call him Jeremiah) Ratliff could go off on staff and get away with it, now if you try to pull that sh1t, you hit the bricks – nice and simple.

I also feel that we have some talent to work with. That, along with being in fine shape as regards the cap should lead to one or two splash signings in the off season. I really wanted Muhammad Wilkerson from the Jets for our 3-4, but he broke his leg yesterday.

I will on occasion be putting up updates when news comes out as to staff and/or personnel changes. I will likely consolidate the small news, and put up a separate post when something big comes out such as when Gase gets hired away.

One last piece of business – time to check our predictions for this year:

Dan from Madison 7-9
GFV – 8-8
Carl from Chicago – 6-10 (nice!)
Fro Dog – 6-10 (nice!)
Nesby – 11-5, wild card (lol)

We were all pretty close (besides drunken Nesby, of course) but I think that is the first time that anyone nailed the predictions on the head. Congrats to Carl and Fro.


5 responses to “Bears 2015 Season Ends

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Sigh I wasn’t happy to be right about that. For me there were 2 parts to the season… the crappy 0-3 start (I was actually in Seattle to see Pickles start and it was awful) and then the 6-7 rest of the season where we were close in every game except for that collapse vs. the Queens.

    The Bears literally have zero talent except for Cutler and McPhee and Jeffrey when he isn’t hurt. And they did pretty well. At least this crew was competitive like you said and they weren’t messing around. Also they seemed to align the playbook to the (low) level of talent – I can only imagine how disastrously the season would have gone with someone like Martz at the helm of the offense.

    There was a Seinfeld bit that we were all “rooting for laundry” as sports fans and never has that been true-er than with the Bears this year. No one even knows anyone on the roster anymore. But hey that’s how it works now. The one guy EVERYONE in Chicago knows (Cutler) is widely hated. I guess people know Forte (lunch-bucket crew) but he’s worth a bit more than the league minimum since running backs pour out of the NCAA every year and he probably wants more $$ (for his dignity).

    Of all the years I have watched the Bears this is the only time since the first Trestman season when our offense magically was fixed that I actually think coaching helped us a lot. Our coaches this year were definitely better than the average coach in the league, given that our roster had zero talent, and we were competitive in 12 of the last 13 games.

    This also says something about the NFL – how basically a bunch of journeymen with a decent game plan can be competitive with virtually anyone else – because the whole damn league is on the DL. I have no answers for anything but the simplest courses of action are to 1) shorten the regular season (will not happen) 2) shorten / kill the preseason (this could possibly happen) 3) expand rosters so that they can have more meat when everyone inevitably gets killed (who knows). I guess the current practice squad thing kind of works and the NFL is cheap and doesn’t want to pay guys to sit around so who knows.

    I wish some of the ten / hundreds of millions that gets thrown around for baseball players could be diverted to the Bears so we could spend on big players. Who the hell watches baseball? Or even cares anymore? It is all about the NFL now (and the NCAA although they keep trying to F that up) and it is funny that guys make league minimum and literally get beat to hell while Colon plays for his zillionth season and can’t even run the bases. Hilarious.

    • Your point about a bunch of journeymen being competitive in the back half of the year is a good one since that is basically what most NFL rosters are once everyone starts to get crippled. Even the Patriots can’t overcome their massive injuries and just look like everyone else right now. This is when the coaching shines. And now we are getting ready to lose Gase.

      From the presser yesterday (more on this later) it appears that Fox will keep the same basic scheme for the offense with the replacement, which is good.

      Play in the NFL is, in general, much sloppier than is used to be. The last CBA has a lot to do with this – practices are so limited now that they can’t get the reps and when guys start getting hurt, it isn’t like you can take a practice squad guy and slot him in – he needs reps too to understand where he needs to be and when. I think that if they practiced more that their bodies would be in better shape and that there would be fewer injuries and crisper play. But that ship sailed a long time ago.

  2. Thanks for the congratulations. Do I win anything?

    Like our good friend, Carl, I wasn’t stoked about being right. I actually like to be wrong when it comes to pessimistic thoughts. We all know the Bears “should have” won about three or four more games. But even that may have not been good enough for the playoffs this year. That’s what sucks about rooting for the Bears. Someone like myself is always praying that the other teams lose as well just give the Bears a better chance of making the playoffs.

    I love Forte, but money and age is the issue here, more so, money. Forte still has a couple of years of left. But, the Bears have two pretty damn good running backs right now and they can always get another one in the draft, if needed. If so, that would be incredibly cheaper than Forte. I would understand that move, especially since the Bears will probably suck next year too.

    • The fact of the matter is that old running backs with a million miles on them like Forte aren’t worth squat – and remember that Forte is one of the survivors of the Turner era (shudder). I like Forte and think he is great for the team, but he has to be realistic about what the market will hold if he is going to stay on the Bears. Then again, all it takes is one idiot (see Philadelphia with DeMarco Murray) to blow it all up. And I wouldn’t blame Forte for taking as much money as he can get.

  3. The future looks good, agreed.

    If and when we can dump the likes of Cutler it will look even better to me. He has been the worst trade ever in the history of the franchise producing nothing more than good personal stats for himself in what, ten years? I have never seen Chicago media and fans slobber so much over a proven underachiever. IMHO.

    My optimistic 8-8 was due to the positive change in leadership. Should have known better.

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