Not a Typical Packers Fan

I’m behind the cheddar curtain and have local news on and saw this newscaster with her Packers hat.   I’ve seen a million Packers fans over the years and this is not what they look like for certain.   As Bears fans we are now down to rooting against the hated Slack as we miss the playoffs one more time. 



3 responses to “Not a Typical Packers Fan

  1. Don’t forget we can cheer against the Vikings, Steelers and Manning too. There is plenty of hatred to go around.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Yes hatred is our gift. As they said in Deadspin it is “coal black hatred” enough to get us through the winter, although that guy is a Vikings fan, so we have hatred for him too.

    Just need to figure out who is back at the super bowl. Personally I am hoping for a Seahawk Pats reunion. My 2 cents is that it could be Carolina vs. Steelers.

    But my prognostication powers are low ha ha.

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