Gase Gone

Our OC Gase has taken the head coaching job in Miami. Fox has already made it clear that our system won’t change dramatically so I would expect a promotion from within. This will be our 6th different OC in 8 years. The masthead will be updated as soon as we get a new guy in the posituon.


3 responses to “Gase Gone

  1. Carl from Chicago

    As Dan said in an email to me – I think this is the first time a bears coordinator was promoted out to head coach directly or at least the last one that I remember (am too lazy to do the internet research). This is a good sign since best case for our coordinators is a lateral move and usually a downward or “out” move.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Hmm we promoted our QB coach. It is nice not to have too much disruption for Cutty but I am worried that this is a step backwards. Oh well we are at 6-10 we hopefully can only go up from here.

    • “Oh well we are at 6-10…” – yes. We are what we are and an OC isn’t going to fix much. It does allow the least amount of disruption though and I would expect a similar scheme next year.

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