Chief Illoviewek

So you all know by now that Lovie Smiff is now the head coach of the Illinois football team. What a weird deal.

The new AD fires Cubes on his first day and gives Groce the dreaded “vote of confidence”. Expect to see a pink slip for Groce in the near future.

While the ax was falling on Cubes, we had recruits on campus and Spring Practices were supposed to start soon. That has been delayed.

But you know, none of this typical Illinois handling of athletic department things really matters. The fact of the matter is that Cubes was always a place holder, and it was good to start over (again), even though we now have yet another coach (and his son) sucking on the buyout teat. Sigh.

The first thing I did when I heard of the hiring of Lovie was take a giant shot of whiskey. But after thinking about it, I imagine that our new AD, Josh Whitman, wanted to make a splash and just get all the old people OUT and start over.

I don’t think this is the worst thing in the world, although we can certainly begin preparations for losing our challenges, of course. And since in the short term we will be getting beaten as usual like a red-headed stepchild, Lovie won’t have the opportunity to screw up the end of the game with poor clock management. And as long as he refrains from putting the band back together and hiring YOU KNOW WHO as his offensive coordinator, it can’t really be all that bad. Can it? So what if we go from also-ran to also-ran. That was our destiny with Cubes anyways.

As always, we here at frt are prepared. We NEVER delete our story tags, and now we can just get right back in the game with our “Fire Lovie Smith” tag. Always, always be prepared.


3 responses to “Chief Illoviewek

  1. I feel bad for you and Carl. That program can’t sink much lower than this move. You may look back on the Ron Turner era with pleasant memories.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    I saw an article that said Ron Turner set the whole thing up. Sigh.

    I do think that Lovie has to be a leg up for our program. I think he will have stature with likely recruits since he has lots o’ NFL experience and hell all they want is to find a way to get to the NFL anyways.

    Someone I know is like “He’s not going to take recruits from Harbaugh” and I’m like “duh – we need to take recruits from Rutgers ha ha”. We just need to stop scraping the bottom of the barrel hard to go down from here.

    A friend of mine also said that Tampa only pays him the difference between this deal and the old contract they bought out so if it is a 6 year deal and they are smart they put almost no $ in years 1-2 and those years are on Tampa ha ha. But this is all just idle speculation.

    • Dan from Madison

      I agree that our recruiting instantly takes a step up. DUH we aren’t stealing recruits from the Michigan’s of the world any time soon (although I would like to note that Harbaugh has the same exact number of Super Bowl appearances as Lovie) but as you said, we need to move out of taking guys from JuCo and take guys that were considering other Big Ten skoolz or whatever. That provides an instant talent infusion. If you think Bill Cubit was recruiting better than Lovie will, I have a bridge to sell you.

      Also, the back loaded contract is genius. Tampa picks up the difference. So for an extra million per year net over Cubes, we get Lovie Smith for the first two years. That is awesome since Tampa gets soaked and we toss that cost savings into the assistant coach pool.

      I will break down Lovie’s contract in more detail in a separate post as soon as I get my hands on a copy. The buyouts will tell the tale as to how committed he really is. A six year deal doesn’t mean squat if the buyouts don’t force you to stay.

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