Bears Free Agent Signings

The Bears have been busy in free agency.

I think everyone reading here will be happy with the signing of Danny Trevathan from the Broncos. This year, the Broncos conclusively proved (like the Ravens back in the day) that you can win a Super Bowl with a hard thumping insane defense with no offense, and the addition of Trevathan now gives the Bears a fearsome duo of linebackers alongside Pernell.

We also signed a solid right tackle in Bobby Massie away from the Cardinals. This is more important than people think, as now Long can move back to his more natural spot at right guard.

Porter got re-upped for three years. He looked solid in the backfield for the Bears. Not a superstar by any means, but solid.

I was surprised to see Jaquizz Rodgers get re-upped for a year to back up Langford.

I will keep adding to this post as more signings come. I think that the Bears may be done in free agency, but we will see. I am very happy with these pickups.

UPDATE 3-14-16 – Wow Halas Hall is a busy place. The Bears have re-upped Mitch Unrein (2 year deal), Marc Mariani (1 year deal) and Sherrick “the Irishman” McManis (2 year deal). We have also picked up Akiem Hicks and Jerrell Freeman, further bolstering the defense.

UPDATE 3-15-16 – Zach Miller re-upped for a two year deal.


3 responses to “Bears Free Agent Signings

  1. It wasn’t the worst free agent signings, but nothing to really get excited about. If everything works out the d could take a step up from bad to mediocre. Trevathen doesn’t really change much. He isn’t a dominant player by any means, although he’ll probably miss a few less tackles. And don’t get too excited about Langford. Big play ability, but he couldn’t find a hole in West Garfield park at 11pm.

    • I am a bit more excited than you. Having a solid linebacking core, which we now have, is extremely important when running a 3-4. Don’t be surprised to see us draft more guys on D as well.

      And last year I wouldn’t consider our D “bad”. We were 14th in yards per game, and 20th in points allowed and we were in most games, unlike in Trestman’s previous year. Not great, but not “bad”. We will certainly be in the middle of the pack or better in most statistical categories this year with our new additions and our draft picks from last year getting playing time(injuries notwithstanding).

  2. I am surprised Porter was given three more years with the Bears. I didn’t even realize he was only 29 (it seems like he has been in the league forever). I am fine with this signing, however. He knows the system and while he may have slowed down a bit with injuries, he’s still smart enough to adjust his game.

    I am happy with Akiem Hicks and Jerrell Freeman coming to the Bears along with re-signing Zach Miller.

    It’s time the Bears focus heavily on defense in the draft. I truly believe the offense will be fine. Call me crazy, but out of the six or seven picks they have, at least five should be on the defense. They still need a safety, cornerback and maybe another linebacker.

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