Draft Open Thread

Hey y’all. Been a while – sorry, but things got pretty hectic on my end over the last several weeks and I haven’t had much time for anything, much less this terrible blog. I thought I would just drop an open thread in here for this weekend’s draft, probably the most overhyped show in all the land. For a nice primer, read Jason’s annual draft post on how the contracts are all structured. Let’s hope that our first rounder plays more this year than our first rounder last year.


8 responses to “Draft Open Thread

  1. The NFL Draft is an annual event to behold for sure. No other sport is capable of generating a media buzz during an offseason like the NFL. And the residual hype lasts for days.

    Oddly, tomorrow is an off day for me so yours truly will gag down the first hour or two watching new millionaires be made. Depends how long I can stomach the usual ESPN on-camera boors.

  2. http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2016/04/26/is-nfl-draft-touchdown-for-chicagos-economy.html

    Sooo…is having the NFL Draft in Chicago worth it? Is anybody here going in person?

  3. “Is anybody here going in person?”

    NFW. Crossing the state line is a once per year event for me. Matters not to me where they hold it.

    Just learned this is scheduled to begin in prime time. Looks like I’ll be watching Honey Boo Boo reruns instead.

  4. Dan from Madison

    The anthem before the draft? Puhleeze.

  5. Today I learned the Bears cut off their Slausson.

  6. I didn’t understand them cutting Slauson. I thought he had another year or two left in him. But apparently, Cody Whitehair is ready to play along with Massie, Ramirez and Long. I still don’t know who the center is going to be, though.

    It’s been a while for me since frequenting this site. I still love it and will contribute much more when training camp arrives. You guys are the best. We all need to get together for one of the earlier regular season games. I am praying the Bears contend this year.

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