Camp Open Thread

Well, it is time for camp and pre season! Where the games don’t count, but the injuries do. Here is an open thread if our tens of readers notice anything worthwhile. Braverman is getting rave reviews out of the box, but we will see how he does as he gets beat up in camp.


3 responses to “Camp Open Thread

  1. Guys, it good to see you all back into the fold here at the Bears website in the history of the internet. Of course, I am ready to help contribute to the most important site, Drunk Bear Fans, come September. No tickets for games yet, but I plan on being on the home opener against the Eagles on Monday Night Football.

    And, in typical Chicago Bears fashion, the injuries have already piled up and it’s not even a week into training camp. Go figure, another first-round pick for the Bears is hurt already in Leonard Floyd. They say him, Fuller and other players who have injuries aren’t serious, but this is the Bears we are talking about.

    As always, I am praying for better days and try to be optimistic every year. That being said, it’s been a huge let down every year.

  2. *best Bears website – I am clearly, not in mid-season form.

  3. Is everyone as excited as I am to watch the upcoming 2016 preseason classics? Seriously, it breaks up the summertime blues for me.

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