Things are Already Looking Terrible

I saw this article today which pretty much speaks for itself

Jay Cutler’s Top 5 Targets All Sitting Out Practice

And I know it’s just practice (a little bit of the old Iverson classic press conference) but it is still a horrendous sign given that we let go a few of the top targets (Bennett, Forte and Marshall the prior year) intentionally over the last couple of years.

On top of that we have Long in a walking boot and now the Bears’ starting center gets hurt on frickin’ FAMILY DAY of all things on the horrendous Soldier Field turf.

Our O Line is highly likely to be a disaster this year and our offensive coordinator is going to need to get the ball off quickly (to who? see above) because every play is going to look like a damn jailbreak.

Yeah I think our defense is going to be a lot better (mostly nowhere to go but up) but unless we can really work some magic out of spare parts this trend of our few working parts on offense getting hurt is going to make for a long year of 3 and outs and Cutty on his backside.

Sorry to be a downer and random folks talk about the mystical “second year of the Fox coaching career” with a new team where he wills them to the playoffs but I’m thinking not so much in 2016.


3 responses to “Things are Already Looking Terrible

  1. Welcome back, Carl and Dan.

    Dear God, it’s barely August and it’s already turning into a shitshow.

    In theory, today’s NFLer is supposed to be bigger/better/stronger/faster courtesy of all this sports science with weight training, advanced dieting, and (LEGAL) vitamins and supplements. In practice, every player is a bunch of sinews, muscles, and ligaments that are bound to tear at the slightest wrong movement. Add to the fact that there are fewer practices so that the players can get the “muscle memory” to perform their basic fundamentals, and you have a recipe for an NFL-wide epidemic. I’m sure the Bears aren’t the only team going through the preseason injury bug, but OMFG.

    I am about ready to say “fuck it” in regards to the 2016 football season. Roger Goddess could be convicted of war crimes by the UN, and he’d still be the commissioner as long as he keeps making money for the owners. Said owners are 32 flavors of complete bastard. Two 90-y/o ladies running the bottom two teams in the NFC North (one of them ours) while waiting for God. Stan Kroeneke and the Rams to LA fiasco. Daniel Snyder. Jimmy Haslem the convicted racketeer.

    Lastly there are the players. Can’t stay healthy. Can’t handle fireworks. Can’t put on a fucking condom, and then can’t take care of the babaymamas and the platoon of kids that they spawn. Can’t call a cab or a car service instead of driving home drunk after a night at the club with their worthless posses’. Can’t stay off the police blotter.

    Oh, wait, there’s more! The social justice warfare society that has polluted the NFL fanbase and has helped made social media such a collective shitshow. I know you guys have a hard and fast rule on “no politics” on the website. Unfortunately, some of the other websites like Deadpan have tossed this rule in the trash. As much as I enjoy their “Why Your Team Sucks” series, it’s getting a little old with the I hate Trump/rednecks or other white people/your city bullshit. The daily self loathing and “I hate Trump” articles every day are getting old. And then there are the SJWs who go bat-shit on Twitter for every. Single. Fucking. Thing. See ” Michael Phelps and the opening ceremonies” or “USA gold medal shooter” and you’ll see what I mean.

    The world is coming apart at the seams. People are openly questioning wether anything is worth fighting for, and too many of the wrong people are fighting. It would be nice if the Chicago Bears step up this year and act like contenders so we could get some refuge from all this bullshit for three hours a week. But no, we’ve got Dickface’s WR corps all walking wounded the week before the first preseason game.

    About Cutler: how many offensive co-ordinators has he had to work with since he’s been here? How many OL have come and gone while getting Cutler planted into the turf? How many WRs has he watched drop catchable passes? And we wonder why he’s such an asshole on a regular basis?

    Only August. Fuck.

  2. Dan from Madison

    While a lot of these injuries are typical boilerplate camp hammys, the Hroniss ACL tear really smarts and you can blame that one on the Chicago Park District, charged as they are with taking care of that wonderful Soldier Field turf.

  3. “How many OL have come and gone while getting Cutler planted into the turf? How many WRs has he watched drop catchable passes? And we wonder why he’s such an asshole on a regular basis?”

    Could be IF Cutler came here and performed as advertised many of them might have lasted longer. He’s an overhyped and overpaid underachiever AND an asshole.

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