Bears Broncos Pre Season

Welcome to the pre season to our tens of readers, where the results don’t count, but the injuries do! Let us know what you think about tonight’s terrible game.


3 responses to “Bears Broncos Pre Season

  1. I am dreading this preseason. I feel like it will be a M*A*S*H unit by the time the regular season begins.

    On a lighter note, I secured a ticket for the home opener on Monday Night (Week 2 against the Eagles). If you guys are going, I look forward to seeing you all in the South Lot somewhere. It sucked we couldn’t get together last year. We’ll definitely get some food somewhere there and some photos for the most important website on the internet: Drunk Bear Fans.

  2. My eyes already hurt. Three drives with the last two being a 3 and out. Cutler has been sacked twice.

  3. Carl from Chicago

    I couldn’t get the game out in Portland but just as well because it sucked. It is true that we were playing the Super Bowl winners but our O Line is a pre-disaster even going into the season.

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