2016 Season Prediction Thread

It is time for us to put out our predictions for the Bears’ 2016 season.  Last years’ Bears went 6-10 (if you want to re-live the futility some die-hard Bears fans put up a complete game by game summary up at wikipedia here).  This is a modest step up from the 5-11 2014 season which was a widely acknowledged tire fire resulting in the firing of everybody (essentially this site’s mast head).

Dan always lectures me (properly) to ignore the useless and pathetic pre-season results but I have to say that the 22-0 loss to Denver was even below my very low expectations.  While little good happened overall, our miserable offensive line of turnstyles led to our QB’s being on their backs or harassed which leads to very bad outcomes for the Bears.  This year we invested in defense in the draft and in the offseason and I think our defense will be substantially better (no where to go but up) but I think our terrible O line will be the death of us and it will be like watching our patched-together lines of several years’ ago which I shudder to remember.

Our offense absolutely didn’t get better beyond our bad O line, giving away Bennett for almost nothing and letting Forte go and sticking with a soon-to-be-hurt tight end who had a bit of a break out season.  Plus everybody seems to be hurt.  But it is good at least having White on the field – maybe he won’t be the bust that he seemed to be last year.

The problem with the Bears in the NFL is that the rest of the league doesn’t stand still.  We are definitely either the third or worst team in our division, with the Vikings and the Packers likely to stomp us and we probably would split with Detroit (no more Megatron).  There we go 1-5 out of those 6 games.  So if we split the rest we are looking at a 6-10 season.  I don’t think we will split the rest so I am going with 5-11 instead of 6-10.

I 100% hope I am wrong but watching all those miserable home losses last year puts me in a bad frame of mind.  So that’s my prediction right there.  Like it says over the comments, let it all out.


2 responses to “2016 Season Prediction Thread

  1. Dan from Madison

    Ooh I like the “tanking” tag. Already. I will say 8-8, mostly praying for injuries to other teams key players more than anything.

  2. My prediction was spot on last year (6-10 and predicting they would beat the Rams). I like to be wrong when it comes to those kinds of records. Sadly, the Bears show us that we are usually correct in our statements.

    Wins: Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Giants, Titans, 49ers

    Losses: Texans, Colts, Packers, Vikings, Lions, Packers, Redskins, Vikings

    8-8 will be the record. And I am certain that at least two of those losses will be because Robbie Gould pisses all over himself and loses the game.

    Pardon my German: FUCK.

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