Bears/Chefs Pre Season

An early one today for who knows what reason, but lets hear what you think of the dress rehearsal today.


10 responses to “Bears/Chefs Pre Season

  1. Carl from Chicago

    The game starts out here at 10am out west. This game isn’t worth drinking for but if it is that seems early to stare at a TV and drink. Something about “noon” sounds more like God intended. But it’s on TV so I can see how our injury riddled first team does if they are in there a couple series.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    wow got a guy Cornellus Edison from Portland State competing to join our awful O line. I can see where they play from up on my roof. Glad we are picking up anyone out of the SEC or anything like that.

  3. Did you move? If so, I would be sad.

  4. Well, Tracy Porter has a concussion. That’s just fucking great.

  5. Carl from Chicago

    Yes I packed up and headed to the west coast I’m in Oregon now. Will be out for the Oct 2 game vs. the Lions.

    Some bad football by the Bears. Too many drops and their O line will never sustain a running game with drive killing penalties. The defense mainly held up OK given that they were on the field the whole damn game and we got some good hits in on their starting QB.

  6. How sad. But I will be at the October 2nd game as well as the home opener against the Eagles. We will have to meet up in the South Lot for the game against the Lions.

    A missed field goal by Gould and a three and out by a quarterback who has business being in the NFL. The Bears need to go with Connor Shaw and David Fales as the backups. Brian Hoyer is just awful.

    • Dan from Madison

      So much for Shaw.

      • He was making great throws and was 5-6. Then, that freak injury. Damn. Now, when Cutler goes out at some point during the season, we have to see the white Jason Campbell out there to piss on our prayers that the Bears actually have a chance.

  7. Very sneaky these Bears. Holding onto their “good” offensive scoring plays for the regular season. Sneaky I tells ya’!

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