I watched this presser by Lovie the other day and had a few thoughts:

Well, Lovie is still Lovie, that is for sure. Deadpan, monotone, fatherly in a way. He had some pretty funny answers in this presser, if you have the time to watch. He is likely seeing a lot of his old press buddies from the Bear days in that room and you can tell he is pretty comfortable.

I have thought about this hiring a lot over the Summer and besides the fact that we are soaking the Buccanneers for half of his salary for the first two years (awesome!), I think it was a good thing for the program. Even if we do some crap 3-9 or 4-8 deal this year, everyone will give Lovie some more time for having to pick up the pieces (and there are many) of the Tim Beckman era. I know that later this year when we are in a close game and Lovie wastes a time out or calls a dumb challenge I will probably go outside and toss my cocktail into the lawn (hey, I have to vent somehow), but the stability and presence he will bring will be a good thing. No more coaches shouting at each other on the sidelines, no more dumb bench penalties. Just Lovie. God help us.

One interesting side note for the blog will be seeing if the “Fire Lovie Smith” tag in the bubble graphic on the side will get larger than the “Fire Ron Turner” one. That is how terrible my life is.


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