Bears Browns Pre Season

You will see a bunch of guys tonight destined for the scrap heap but hey, let me know if you see anything good.


5 responses to “Bears Browns Pre Season

  1. Brian Hoyer still sucks at football.

    • Dan from Madison

      Man are we screwed if/when that guy takes the field in the regular season.

      • You’re telling me. I hate to beat a dead horse, but damn, Connor Shaw was throwing much more accurately and more mobile than Hoyer was in the preseason. Hoyer was sucking against the the backups of the Patriots and Chiefs. Shaw comes in both games and does way better.

        I know some may think “Caleb Hanie” when it came to this situation and if so, fine. But, someone who sucks against guys who may not even make a team isn’t worthy of having a job.

        By the way, are you going to be at the home opener on the 19th? If so, I still have your number and will find you in the South Lot. I will also be at the game on October 2nd when Carl comes back.

  2. Throw Robbie Gould in the “sucks” category as well. No excuse for missing an extra point, even though it’s further back.

    You know who’s looking good, however? Jordan Howard! He just scored a touchdown and seems to be someone who doesn’t exhausted. Him and Langford can be a force with Carey/Rodgers being the speed guys.

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