What A Disaster

What a disaster is all I have to say after that dismal game against the Eagles. But it did have all the things that a recent-era Bears fan should expect, including:

– playing decent in the first half and then completely falling apart in the second half
– losing at home – we were 1-7 last year and starting off at 0-1 and things are looking grim
– critical injuries – a couple of key defensive starters and then Cutty
– “backbreaker” play by Cutty – that interception near the end of the first half. Dan texted me “backbreaker” and I knew it was true
– team dissension – McPhee fighting with Cutty (damn that dude isn’t even playing)
– bad turnover ratio – defense didn’t get any turnovers
– fans booing the team – Dan said fans were booing at half time

Traffic is up at Fire Everybody. Frankly I’m kind of out of gas already because firing management isn’t going to clean up this mess any time soon.

Also – Cutty haters – this one is for you. You can see the glorious horizon that is life without Cutty. I saw the game vs. Seattle last year where we had ZERO first downs and Pickles was the QB. Do you know that was the only time in modern football history when that happened? Think about that a bit as we enjoy the bounty of terrible QB’s that await us, each to be smashed by our terrible O line, lack of tight ends, and generally dumb play calling.

Sorry if I’m bitter but it was so bad in the bar that I was watching the game in that the Eagles fans were taking pity on me. Think about that – Eagles fans actually being nice to you. Damn.


10 responses to “What A Disaster

  1. They are so bad its difficult to watch. Where are Paces #1 draft picks? Kevin White is a bust, and Floyd can only try to rush outside because he weighs 190lbs.

  2. All you need to know about this franchise is that they passed over numerous Pro Bowlers for Shea McClellin and passed on Laremy Tunsil for Leonard Floyd.

    There is so much to be pissed off about, but I don’t want to list an entire novel here. It’s a collective effort to be the piss-poor laughingstock of the NFL.

  3. With Cutler out this is fun bad time. Legit chance at #1 pick in the draft.

    • Carl from Chicago

      Yes it is sad I just started looking at QB candidates for the 2017 draft since we very likely will have a high pick. I guess one of the best ones is that guy from Clemson but I’m sure there are others. Aargh would be a lot of hype if we considered the guy from Notre Dame. None of them are jumping out like Mariota or even Wentz but it is early in the useless hype cycle. All this to pick a QB who will get his ass kicked through our porous O line and probably have no one to throw to on a given day since everyone is hurt and / or a bust. FUN!

  4. I have an idea for the Bears in their draft next year.

    Round 1: Quarterback
    Rounds 2-7: Offensive lineman

    Then, in 2018:

    Round 1: Defensive back
    Rounds 2-7: Linebackers and other defensive backs

    Hey, I know it sounds insane. But, what else do they have to lose?

    • This is great. How much worse can it be than our past “strategy”?

      • You mean, the strategy where “experts” argue whether or not the Bears will take the best available player or best available athlete? I don’t think it can get much worse. I say, follow that plan in the next two drafts. Then, in year three (2019), go for the wide receivers, running backs and defensive lineman. But, what do I know?

  5. The bears still suck

    Don’t fire Quitler! He almost guarantees two Packers wins a season. HAHAHA!

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