Piling On

I was reading the Thursday review of games at Deadspin (a hilarious site) where of course the Bears / Cowboys gets one star because it will likely be a tire fire when I saw the author Drew Magary make this confession (but F him because he’s a Queens fan)

Bears at Cowboys: I predicted the Bears would be a surprise wild card team before the season and it’s clear now that they’re doomed. They may not even be able to finish the season.

Funny but if only we could abort this season.

Also now John Fox is on the list of coaches who might get fired (per Deadspin at least, not like that’s the official list or something, but still funny). I think he’s doing a terrible job but I don’t even know if firing him would help. And Pace better get Floyd kicking some rear or he will have two high #1 picks that are basically busts in a row.

I looked at our injury report and if you took the guys that were injured and filled the rest of the team with practice squad talent / guys off the waiver wire – they might have a good chance against the rest of our team that ISN’T hurt. Say what you will about Cutty but he is miles ahead of Hoyer (before he gets stomped out of existence by our terrible O line and awful play calling like our last backup QB) and most of our best guys on defense are all hurt too.


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