Bears at Cowboys

It is pretty much a certainty that if you start the year 0-3 that you aren’t making the playoffs. I predict this.


9 responses to “Bears at Cowboys

  1. If you get fired from Florida International, you have no business ever coaching on any level ever again:

  2. So far with 4 minutes gone in the 2nd, the score is 17-0 and the Bears have run six plays. The Bears are on the clock, folks.

    • This is so fucking sad. I am so pissed right now.

      And with the Bears being the worst team in football, it appears they are slotted to get a top five pick. But even with that, do you trust this front office to pick the right player?

  3. Four stupid assed penalties (false start x2, hands to the face, and offsides), plus no run game.

    24-3 Cowboys at the half. Motherfuckers.

  4. OMFG…Hoyer finds Zach Miller in the end zone for a TOUCH DOWN!

    And Barth even converts the point after. JOY!!!

  5. It appears that the Cowboys are trying to give the game away here in the second half and the Bears are saying: “No, thanks”.

  6. Nice of you to show up, O-line. Zero sacks allowed by the Boys as we start the 4thQtr.

  7. Bears score again to make it 31-17 Boys, but it looks like garbage time at this point.

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