Bears vs. Dolts

Let’s see if this high powered Brian Hoyer led offense can continue its winning ways against another terrible team, the Dolts.


8 responses to “Bears vs. Dolts

  1. Can the Bears please find a kicker who can actually make field goals? Why the fuck is Connor Barth here?

  2. I am embarrassed and ashamed after seeing this game. It was the Bears, once again, giving a game away. We’ve seen it too many damn times over all of these years. It’s tiring.

  3. The bears still suck

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! As a Packers fan, I am enjoying the hell out of this. The sheer fact that this blog exists shows how inept bears fans truly are. And you call the Colts the “dolts”? You might want to look in the mirror. The VERY best part about all of it is that Trestman’s record (13-19) is BETTER than Fox’s (7-14). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    The fact that people are debating if Hoyer is going to replace Quitler is PRICELESS! Hey, how is White now that he’s on IR? That was a great pick. How’s Gould doing? I’ll bet he’s not missing field goals! I hope you pricks enjoy being at the bottom of the barrel. It’s your rightful place.

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