Bears vs. Jags

The NFL game of the week is clearly at Soldier Field today, as the Bears host the Jaguars. I am starting to wonder if people begin to get canned if the Bears drop this one.


9 responses to “Bears vs. Jags

  1. Unless the Bears go 2-14 this year, don’t bank on Fox getting canned. He is going to get every chance to turn this team around (even though he’s had plenty of time already). Ryan Pace doesn’t know what he’s doing and it’s evident. It’s too bad Bill Polian is old and has zero interest in having a job with a team again. Him and Bill Cowher would be my choices for a GM and coach if the pieces all fell into place.

  2. Fuck this team. This is the type of game that should get John Fox fired. It’s a team effort, but it starts with him.

  3. Pace & Fox are complete idiots.
    What happened to that speech that was made by McCasky saying Virginia was tired of mediocrity & wanted to win now (after firing Trestman & Emery)? What is this cutting everyone loose (Bennett, Gould….etc.), how do you expect to win now? Now they’re messing with Cutler. Win now my ass! Hell @ this rate My kids aren’t going to get to see “Da emBearsing” have a winning season. You can’t be serious… Lovie was 10-6 the year they fired him yr before 8-8 year before that 11-7 wtf? Why didnt they fire him the year he was 7-9? This is killing me!

  4. Pace dosen’t have a clue how to draft….. Back to back 1st round bust… Had Dak Prescott for the pickings… Dallas takes him and their 5-1 looking like Super Bowl Contenders… Don’t let this idiot draft another pick…. Chicago fans should boycott games until ownership accepts accountability.. Fan wasting money buying tickets for this outcome. To be the laughing stock of the NFL.

  5. Virginia the card carrying cunt mccaskey

    Don’t go to the games

  6. The bears still suck

    You lost to the JAGUARS? HAHA!!! This is fucking priceless. While the Packers had a rough outing, at least we didn’t lose to the Jaguars. What are they on the road? 1-14?

    “Don’t go to the games”. HAHAHA!!! What’s wrong? Don’t feel like paying a lot to watch a bunch of pricks lose to the worst teams in the league? Over this season and the last, the bears are 2-10 at home. HAHAHA!!! Make that 2-11 in a couple weeks.

    This is my new favorite website. Watching the comments from you “people” as your terrible team spirals down is priceless.

    • Dan from Madison

      Aaron Rodgers has lost a step.

    • Okay, dude. The last I checked, the Packers are a tire fire on defense and can’t stop a nosebleed. They may not even make the playoffs this year, so what’s the difference. If your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl, you’re as bad as the other 30 teams that don’t win it as well. And as Dan has said, Rodgers seems to be slipping a bit.

      I am sure we will all laugh if the Packers miss the playoffs. That makes them no better than the Bears, regardless of record.

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