Bears vs. Slack

This miserable season rolls on with the Bears at Lambeau tonight.


5 responses to “Bears vs. Slack

  1. The bears still suck

    And what a glorious day it was. The first half was rather dull. Watching that back up to Hoyer was funny. Back up to HOYER. That is how you know you’re a terrible quarterback, not that I would expect much from a FIB. Then things went as they should. Touchdown! Touchdown! Indeed it was a good night.

    I think you need to rename your titles. You call the Packers the slack and the Colts the dolts. By this point it’s time to use those names on the losers that are 1-6. Please fire Fox. How many coaches will Quitler have burned through? How many offensive coordinators will he have gotten fired? I love that those pricks still have him.

    • Dan from Madison

      Cutlers days are likely over after this year, so you can focus your hatred elsewhere. Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers have lost a step. If the Slack makes the playoffs, they will be an early casualty.

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