Bears vs. Queens

Well, are we going to get a Halloween horror show? My guess is yes, but I will still probably watch to see the funny costumes at Soldier Field.

Rumors are already starting about Fox getting canned – that means work for us here at FJF on the masthead but as always we are up to the task. We will know if the rumors are true if and when Fox gets the dreaded vote of “confidence”.


2 responses to “Bears vs. Queens

  1. Fox should have been fired before the regular season started. They looked awful in the preseason. And by the way, Pace and Phillips should go with him too. It’s a collective effort between all of these assholes.

    I already recapped the game in advance on my website. I figured, I would try to add some humor to this season. I did something similar for that game against the Patriots two years ago.

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