Bears vs. Niners

Hopefully Kaep will get a decent helping of boos today, if there is anyone at Soldier Field for this Game Of The Week. Cutler is done now, so all of the haters can start in on someone else.


4 responses to “Bears vs. Niners

  1. If memory serves me right (and correct me if I’m wrong) but during the Bears’ 84-85 Super Bowl run, the 49ers visited the Bears for the NFC Divisional playoff. The Bears’ 46 defense handed Joe Montana his ass that day and he was fortunate to be walking off the field.

    I am sick to death of Colin Kaepernick and his fake-ass social justice warfare bullshit. The Bears defense may not be much this season, but here’s hoping that they can serve him a big enough can of whup-ass and put and end to not only his alleged QB resurgence, but to his SJW crap and his NFL career as well.

  2. Gentleman,

    This season has just been a tire fire. I know traffic is up at both of our sites, but some aren’t even posting because of how exhausted we have become of this team. It sucks. If the Bears are winning, there is obviously, more conversation. I just wish we all had good things to talk about rather than a team that is 2-9 (should be 5-6 with an outside chance of making the playoffs, but whatever).

    I want the Bears to win. Barkely had the opportunity to beat a playoff-contending team last week if it wasn’t for these bum wide receivers. He deserved a lot better. I want to see how well he does the remainder of the year so we can find out if he can be a backup to whomever the starter is next season.

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