I Would Like To Hear From Some People

So all of the Cutler haters, you can make your voice heard now, since he is likely gone and we go back to horrible qbs like MATT BARKLEY, which is totally insane if you think about it.

I would also like to hear from all of the assholes who, on these pages in the comments, were bitching and screaming when the Bears screwed the pooch and blew the Bruce Arians deal. Well, he has since won exactly ONE playoff game (an awesome one at that, beating the Packers in a heartbreaker) and looks to be all but dead in the playoff chase this year.

That is all, for now.


5 responses to “I Would Like To Hear From Some People

  1. 1) Does anybody here listen to Boers and Bernstein on a regular basis anymore? If so, what do they talk about? How much airtime do they devote to the Bears?

    2) Fro Dog said that traffic is up here and at Fire Tom Thibs, but almost nobody is commenting anymore. I’m going to take a single wild-ass guess and say that the Bears management has stopped caring about this season, so why should the fans care anymore? About a month ago, Code Red made his first comment at “Start Kyle Orton” in over 18 months, and it was about the Cubs. At the bottom, he left a little footnote saying the Bears broke him.

    3) Charles Barkley once said that some NBA owners don’t give a damn about being championship contenders, that they’re only in it to say “I own an NBA team!” Same could be said about the NFL. Seriously, look at all the dysfunctional franchises out there right now. As long as all the clubs are awash in TV money (and other revenue streams), who gives a shit about things like won-loss records and playoff berths? Compare the Patriots with Browns 2.0; which club actually plans for success year0in/year out?

    4) It’s hard to say a 92 year old woman actually cares about whether the NFL team she owns is winning or losing. It’s hard to say Georgie-boy cares about winning when he keeps Teddy-bear around as team president for 20 years, as opposed to hiring people who actually know something about football to run the team.

    5) Between the insane asylums of the American college/university system, the win-at-all costs mentality of college football, social media 2016, the lack of coaching and training in today’s NFL…yup, that’s why the average NFL player’s default mentality is “shithead.” I would have said meatball, but that’s an insult to actual meatballs.

    6) To Deadpan, Dan Bernstein, Mike (The Baldest Truth) Nadel, Tim Baffoe (Chicago Tribune blogger), Peter (Monday Morning QB) King, and everybody else: the election was over a month ago tonight. Cease and desist with the politics in your sports columns. We can get politics anywhere else on the TV and the internet, we don’t need it here when we’re commiserating about the sad state of professional/college sports.

    7) Colin Kaepernick: you can either be a community organizer or an NFL quarterback. You can’t do both. Either way, you need to do a lot more research and do a lot better job about articulating your position. If you can’t do that, see above.

    8) Elsewhere in Chicago sports, the Black Hawks are top of the Western Conference and gearing up for yet another Stanley Cup run. The Bulls are not a hot mess just yet, but it’s questionable whether they can put everything together. Rumor mill says that they need a center, and there’s maybe some buyer’s remorse on Rajon Rondo.

    9) The conversation was supposed to be about Cutler and Arians? Oh…okay. Really, nothing will ever change as long as the McCaskeys have a serious “come to Jesus” moment about running the Bears, or they sell the franchise to somebody with the money and the desire to actually build the Bears into a contender. Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty will reveal themselves on TMZ and bring hi-def videos of Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster before that ever happens.

    10) That’s enough for now, time for some gas station junk food.

    • this is good shit dvx. I will answer.
      1 and 2) Nobody cares. I agree that many, many Bears fans are defeated.

      3) I believe that some owners care a lot, some not so much. Same as anything there is probably a bell curve.

      4) I honestly believe a few things. I am pretty sure Ma doesn’t really know or care too much. When was the last time she was seen publicly? I think that George McCaskey really wants to win. I have no clue why he keeps Ted Phillips around. Did he screw Ted’s wife? I just don’t get it.

      5) You can take the kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid, so the saying goes. The NFL and major college football have been dismal at training these young men on finance, real life, and how to steer clear of problems. In my next life I will form a company that does this.

      6) I don’t listen to any of those shitheads.

      7) I don’t care about Kaep. Likely a career backup from here on out.

      8) Hockey blows. The Bucks are my team and they are over .500, and are pretty fun to watch (last nights game notwithstanding)

      9) The McCaskeys aren’t cheap and I think they really do want to win. Why wouldn’t they? But the time may have come for them to move on if we have to keep enduring this cluster f1ck.

      10) enjoy!

  2. I am not going to answer all the specific questions because I’m not in Chicago anymore and can’t follow the Bears as much on local media. But in general

    – Bears fans are mostly idiots. We still over value defense and don’t understand the value of offense
    – I am pretty much defeated on the Bears this year
    – We could easily have won another 3-4 games even with this crappy talent level if we had Cutty and weren’t completely decimated by injuries
    – The whole NFL play level is pretty shoddy
    – Games seem to take forever now not exactly certain why but it is like baseball now. I am getting broken by Red Zone in that if you made me watch a full Bears game (without alcohol) straight through I’d probably lose my mind. It is sooo sloooow and sooo many commercials
    – I can tell it is a new season when the new Viagra commercial comes out. Get to see that a million times
    – It is pretty clear to me that the Bears ownership is a million miles form what it takes to be competitive or create a championship. Doesn’t mean I know what that looks like in terms of how to get there, just that “this ain’t it”
    – They have to do something about injuries and the quality of play. LIke, seriously. Take out the pre season and a couple of games and increase roster size. I don’t know. But we are definitely “rooting for laundry”
    – What is the last insight driven by the Bears? The T formation? Really? We need some innovation
    – When you look at the enthusiasm of the college sports fans compared to NFL fans the gap is just immense. Sure some teams like Seattle have some crazy fans in the stands but in general it is so expensive and such a pain in the ass it seems like a corporate office party

    I agree 1000000% about keeping politics and sports apart. That’s 2 things that don’t go great together.

  3. The bears still suck

    Keep quilter! He’s one of the best quarterbacks in Packers history. He’s always good for a few picks per game. I should link the video compilation of all his picks against the Packers. It’s a long video.

    • Cutler is gone. Some day the Packers will have a crap qb and we will enjoy it very, very much. So enjoy it while you can. Rodgers has already lost a step as we can all see.

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