Bears vs. Packers

This should be a pretty good shellacking against the resurgent Slack. Hopefully we can create at least a little havoc on D.


3 responses to “Bears vs. Packers

  1. Hey, everybody…

    Remember when former Bears coach Lovie Lee Smith declared that beating Green Bay was the Number One Priority? Remember him saying, nine seasons later, and in the aftermath of a home loss to you-know-whom that cost the Bears first place in the NFC North (and eventually a playoff spot), that beating the Packers didn’t matter, because the Bears still had a shot at the playoffs?

    The Bears beat the Packers at Lambeau on Thanksgiving night last year; it was nothing but an outlier of false hope, that maybe things were going to turn around. The Packers are on a winning streak, but they’re not this unbeatable juggernaut. Having said that, even if the bears manage an InstanClassic home upset of the Slack, how do we know it won’t be anything more than a prick tease for Bears Nation?

    Until Georgie-Boy has a Jesus moment and makes some fundamental changes to the culture of how this franchise is run, we’re in for a long stretch of 6-10 seasons.

  2. The bears still suck

    WOO! It’s a great day. The bears have coughed up the all time lead like they cough up interceptions. Vince is smiling on the greatest football franchise. The best part? You either stick with the loser qb you have now, go to Homer (a loser), quilter (a whiny interception machine), or go back to the carousel of horrors. It was fun to watch the bears ride that during the 90s.

    Another Packers win propelling us closer to the playoffs while the assholes wither at the bottom. Indeed it is a good day. Made all the better that over 16,000 tickets went unused. A great day.

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