Thoughts on the Bears’ Season from Afar

I’ve moved away from Chicago and am now following the Bears intermittently.  I did go to one game in person (against the Lions, and we won 17-14) vs. prior years when I went to probably 5-6 home games / year (that’s all I could take in recent seasons since the Bears have been so terrible).

From the West coast I usually can’t get the Bears game and when you watch the Bears on Red Zone they come up like 2 minutes a game since it only shows when you are in scoring positions or if all the other games are on break.

Thus I’ve just seen scraps of the Bears this year and followed them through blogs and stuff and heckling back and forth with Dan.  Really, the ineptitude of this franchise has thrown me for a loop since the disastrous 2nd year of the Trestman regime and I’ve got to wonder why I am attached to one of the laughingstock franchises of the NFL.  But I can’t change now…

Strangely, if the Bears had anywhere the luck of the Lions they’d be .500 or better right now.  The NFL is a trashcan of bad coaching, bad officiating, and incredible injuries afflicting what seems to be most of the stars at one time or another.  The Bears were “in” a lot of games pretty late until they collapsed.

So where do we go from here?  Here’s my 2 cents

  • Cutty is gone.  Hopefully we get a shot to draft a QB and /or mix it up with C grade talent like Hoyer, Barkley or whomever is milling about on a practice squad somewhere.  The team has so many holes we can’t fill em all
  • Jeffrey is gone and we pretty much have no receivers.  We need to cut bait on White too (epic bust) and try to have an offense built around tight ends (of which we don’t have any) and running backs catching the ball because we won’t have a deep threat QB anyways
  • Our O line is decimated by injuries.  I guess we figure some guys come back and we try to pick someone up in free agency or the draft
  • Our secondary is a trashcan fire.  But so are a lot of them in the NFL.  Maybe we can draft someone or get someone in free agency
  • I don’t know if John Fox comes back or not.  We are paying like 10 coaches now I don’t know if it makes sense to fire him again for another lost season

I think most of the NFC looks terrible.  I’ve seen the NFC North and no one is scaring me there.  So maybe we won’t be much worse than the rest of them next year.  Rogers is losing a step and anyone betting on Stafford to carry that team is out of their minds.

I’ll definitely be paying attention at least in the Super Bowl with Dan as we put down some cash in Reno on the big event.



2 responses to “Thoughts on the Bears’ Season from Afar

  1. Dan from Madison

    It really is hard to say where this franchise needs to start. Franchise qb and let him get killed for a few years a la Aikman and hope he doesn’t get injured? Secondary? Receivers? The whole thing is such a mishmash of crap. I am not seeing any clear direction from Pace. Will he start canning coaches? When will George and Ma have enough of the completely inept Ted Philllips? Do they even care as long as the money is rolling in? Gonna be an interesting off season AGAIN, and I am getting sick of it.

  2. “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

    1) Yup, Cutty is already mentally cleaning out his locker and filing his retirement papers. He knows there is no market for him and he’s not going to risk his health playing for tire-fires like the Browns or the Jaguars.

    2) If there are any really spectacular wideouts in this year’s draft class, the Bears should take one as their first round pick, the Kevin White debacle notwithstanding. Remember, Tom Brady and Tony Romo were later round picks, and unless the Bears shake-up their scouting crew, nobody can really see any game-changing QB if the draft.

    3) The Bears seriously need to refresh THEIR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION before they even think about this year’s draft. For the last decade, they have drafted poorly, they can’t keep their roster healthy enough to withstand a sixteen-game schedule, they can’t groom a quarterback to be a success, and they can’t train and coach players to be a cohesive team that can compete week in and week out. Coaches, scouts, trainers, Teddy-bear…time for Georgie-boy to back up the truck.

    4) If John Fox is fired next Monday, The McCaskeys will be cutting severance checks to their third coach in five years (Lovie, Trestman, and now Fox). WE all know that the McCaskey’s can/will open their checks, but how many former coaches will they keep wasting dead money on before they get the hint and actually start paying actual football people to run the Bears?

    5) On a lighter topic, now that Boers and Bernstein has run it’s course at AM 670/The Score, who or what is taking its place in the afternoon drive?

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