Bears vs. Redskins

Bears are playing on Saturday vs the Skins.  Maybe we can finally just put their playoff hopes out of their misery.  Let the comments rip… unless you don’t care anymore.


5 responses to “Bears vs. Redskins

  1. As I’ve mentioned several times over the last few years (because it seems like the Bears play the Redskins every year), the Bears historically are bad against this team. 3-14 since 1987, to be exact. It would be nice to piss all over their playoff chances. Plus, another strong outing by Barkely would be nice and give me, at least, some type of prayer for next season.

  2. The bears still suck

    Over 18,000 no shows in your latest satisfying home loss. That’s just shy of 30%. Almost unable to count the interceptions on one hand. The “team” is terrible, the players are terrible, the owners are a special brand of retard and idiot, the coaches suck, no one can make a good draft pick, and you’re all laughing stocks. I love it. It’s what that disgusting city deserves. A mirror of it even.

    • Carl from Chicago

      Hey Troll. Glad to see you again. Yes the Bears suck but at least we aren’t wasting all the best years of a Hall of Fame caliber QB like you are with Rogers. Hope you lose vs the Lions next week and either way it will be a short playoff season for a team so bad they have to beat our terrible Bears on a last second kick.


      • To be honest, the resident troll is should have stopped at “no one can make a good draft pick.” We’re now on our third GM in five years (Angelo/Henry/Pace) and we still don’t have a core of players to build around.

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