Bears vs. Queens

Well, we end yet another tire fire of a season today vs. the Queens. Two years in and the Pace/Fox regime has produced virtually nothing, besides some great play from Jordan Howard.

So, what now? Lots of questions. I imagine some of them will be answered at our traditional George McCaskey presser. My guess is that there will be some coaches axed as fall guys, but the problems are so deep, it is hard to say where someone should start.

Don’t get too upset if we beat the Vikings and slip a few notches on the draft board. ALWAYS remember that Brady was a 6th round pick. He fooled even the Patriots for 5 rounds.


5 responses to “Bears vs. Queens

  1. In honor of another pants-shitting loss to Minnesota:

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Great tune. I think we have a chance vs. the Queens since they are a terrible team that has crushed their fan base this year as well. Time for some season ending “garbage time” stats to make us look better.

    As Dan and I were going back and forth the only item I don’t get is how Ted Phillips still has a job. He’s the one that ought to be held accountable. Not like it matters the McCaskey’s would probably get another toady anyways.

  3. Bears down 17-0 early in the 2nd quarter.

    Thor! Odinson, protector of mankind/
    Ride to meet your fate, your Ragnarok awaits.


  4. Dan from Madison

    What a terrible game and terrible year. The Bears are a laughingstock. The only suspense is trying to figure out who, if anyone, gets canned on Black Monday.

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