Some Idiot Thinks the Bears will win 10 Games in 2017

This Bears blog picked up that Sports Illustrated had the Bears picked for 10 wins in 2017, noting that the 2016 team was decimated by injuries.  First of all, as a Bears fan, I want them to go 16-0, but here’s what I actually thought of that prediction…


The Bears have gaping holes across their roster.  While I don’t have a crystal ball, it seems highly likely that they will drop Cutty soon (mid-March when the NFL “season” starts for 2017), and then they will have NO QB.  We won’t count “St. Pick” Barkley or Hoyer who is a career backup who picks up enough stats in garbage time to look competent.  Sure, they could get a QB by trade or the draft, but it seems like we will have one of the weakest starting QB’s going into the season of any team.  See how that went for the Raiders or Texans, two teams 10x better than the Bears who were booted out of the playoffs promptly when they encountered teams with good QB play.

Sure they have some good defensive guys on their roster (usually hurt), but their secondary is a disaster and if they were actually trying to play competitive football this would be a gaping hole.  If you swapped out the Bears secondary for guys on the practice squad of a typical team I don’t think we would see a dramatic difference, and that’s bad.

On offense – with Jeffrey probably gone (or hurt / suspended if he happens to be with the team) – we have terrible receivers and tight ends.  True, we have a decent O line and running back but with no QB, receivers, or tight ends that’s not a formula for winning football.

Oh and let’s not forget that the Bears aren’t exactly a coaching / drafting powerhouse.  Almost all of our top draft picks have been busts and the last thing we innovated was the T Formation.

If anyone is giving you the over / under on a 10 win season for the Bears, damn you’ve got to take the under on that, being a Bears fan notwithstanding.


4 responses to “Some Idiot Thinks the Bears will win 10 Games in 2017

  1. Dan from Madison

    Yep, Jay is gone, that is the easiest cut in the league. All rosters look great ON PAPER at the beginning of the year. Hell, the Bears looked halfway decent at the beginning of this year, but then we lost our starting center to the terrible Soldier Field turf on FAMILY NIGHT and it was all downhill from there. 10 wins is an insane amount to think a rebuilding team with no QB can win but lightening can hit, like Prescott in Dallas. So you never know. But don’t count on it, this is the Bears after all.

    • Carl from Chicago

      I think you are being too charitable that our roster “looks good on paper”. Other than our O Line and a few defensive guys on the line and linebacker we can’t even pass that test. They just did the NFC North all star team and you just had a couple of O line guys and our running back on the list. And that’s against the 3 other teams in our division…

      Yes the fact that our roster was ravaged by injuries including that insane family day injury makes things even worse.

      We’ll see if Cutler flies like an Eagle when freed of the chains of the Bears and also if the absence of Cutler will bring in all the wins like the haters imagined. But he really seems to be gone, at least.


  2. Dan from Madison

    “We’ll see if Cutler flies like an Eagle when freed of the chains of the Bears and also if the absence of Cutler will bring in all the wins like the haters imagined.” Probably not since he will land on a crap team desperate for a qb, and no.

  3. Carl and Dan, Imma let y’all finish, but I wanted to post this postscript to your “Vegas” post:

    My thoughts:

    1) Holy shit, the Raiders. They basically had the kinds greased all the way to the Strip, and then they try to cockblock the Big Man in Vegas. If I’m Sheldon Adelson, I tell the Vegas city fathers and other Powers That Be to give the Raiders their collective middle finger and bid them adieu.

    2) This is currently one of the unspoken problems with the NFL right now: the owners being to fucking greedy and stupid to care about anything but lining their own pockets. In theory, a team can go from 2-14 to the Super Bowl in about three seasons. In practice, the owners spend too much time trying to fuck everybody (players,coaches, fans, city and state governments) out of every dime they can, and then wonder why they have a PR nightmare on their hands when it blows up in their faces.

    3) If Vegas tells the Raiders to piss off back to Oaktown, it would be a well-deserved low blow to mark Davis (and the NFL in general) about trying to fuck everybody for these franchise moves and stadium deals. Greedy motherfuckers need to be thunder-punched in the balls.

    BTW, I saw that article. Aside from properly scouting/drafting talent, this franchise will always be questionable about developing that talent and keeping them on the field (and off the med tables!).

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