Only A Clown Would Take a Trade for Cutler

I am seeing hilarious reports of the Bears trying to trade Cutler, like this.  It is the worst-kept secret in pro sports that Da Bears want to dump Cutty since they only have a small charge against the salary cap and can walk away from the 2017 and 2018 years on the contract.  If they could get anything for him, like a late round draft pick, that’s better than nothing.

The problem is, any team who would pick up Cutler would also need to pick up his contract and pay him big money.  However, if the Bears cut him, then that team would also have the opportunity to negotiate with Cutty as a free agent and (presumably) pay far less.

So it seems like only an idiot would give up a draft pick to the Bears for the opportunity to take on Cutty and his contract.  But good luck to Pace for trying.


4 responses to “Only A Clown Would Take a Trade for Cutler

  1. Dan from Madison

    Agree with you, but the thing you are leaving out of the conversation is that quarterbacks with any talent are in VERY short supply in the NFL. Just look at what teams are trotting out there right now. That is probably the only driver to pick up Cutty’s salary (and he might negotiate it down for a team that he actually wanted to play for in nice weather, like LA or Jacksonville, or Arizona). He will be traded or cut, and has seen his last days as a Bear, that is for sure. I would be amazed if we could get a late round pick for him. Odds are he gets picked up in free agency.

    • Carl from Chicago

      I totally agree that someone will pick him up and pay him a lot of money because quarterbacks are scarce. I just would be astounded if anyone gave us draft picks to get him under the current contract. Might as well try I guess even if it is a long shot.


      • Dan from Madison

        We made a deal for that basketcase Brandon Marshall and of course he flopped in NY just like we predicted. Even if we get a late round pick for Cutty, that is a huge victory. You might be surprised – there are a ton of teams desperate for any quarterback who is ambulatory (including the Bears, but that is grist for another post).

        • Dan from Madison

          I should add that with the ever escalating salaries that Cutler’s current contract has him around the middle of the road. So a team can take a TOTAL chance on a draft pick, or pay more and get a known quantity. That is always the decision. Carolina decided to take the known quantity of Newton and pay him a zillion dollars rather than deal with free agents and the draft crap shoot. I see the logic.

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