2014 Draft

This week we heard the news of Ego Ferguson getting cut. He was our second round pick in the 2014 draft, Phil Emery’s last with the Bears. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at the 2014 draft.

Round 1 – Kyle Fuller (still on team)
Round 2 – Ego Ferguson (cut)
Round 3 – Will Sutton (still on team)
Round 4 – Ka’deem Carey (still on team)
Round 4 – Brock Vereen (cut)
Round 5 – none
Round 6 – David Fales (practice squad)
Round 6 – Pat O’Donnell (still on team)
Round 7 – Charles Leno Jr. (still on team)

I imagine with our free agent signings that Fuller is probably on his way out the door. Sutton is a contributor as well as Carey at times. O’Donnell is a decent punter for us. The rest are garbage. This is why Emery got fired and also why the Bears are a laughingstock. When you produce year after year of failed drafts, it simply catches up with you. You need solid contributors especially in the early rounds or the rest of the league just passes you by as your current players age.


One response to “2014 Draft

  1. I remember where I was in 2014 when we announced Kyle Fuller. I was in Italy on a hike. He turned out to be a bust of course.

    We should be kicking ass right now and getting great values out of guys on their rookie contracts. Instead, we are cutting them and we have nothing.

    Our drafting has just been 100% abysmal. I guess I could do some research and try to see if we are merely terrible or the absolute worst in the league but really when you are circling the drain it doesn’t matter.

    I have to hope again for this year that we get some good picks and a QB but I’m not holding my breath. 90% bet that this is the last draft for Pace and then we start over… again.

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