A Tale of Two Coaches

I keep track of our ex-Bear (usually terrible) coaches because I am always interested when they get new jobs. Ron Turner was the first college coach to get canned last year after a dismal 10-40 record at FIU, and John Shoop hasn’t had a job for quite some time. I think Ron will get another job of some sort eventually, but Shoop is another story. Why? Their twitter feeds.

If you look at Ron Turners feed, it is almost all congratulatory tweets to different sports people along with the weekly special at Jarling’s Custard Cup. It is mostly football, but he does spread the love to other sports as well.

John Shoop’s feed is a bizarre combination of personal items, along with political rants (mostly left wing tinfoil hat stuff) and other vitriol of this type. If there is one thing I know, it is that a potential employer typically doesn’t appreciate seeing these types of things on your public postings.

I might go so far as to say that Shoop is sort of losing his mind if you take a deep dive into his twitter feed, which I don’t recommend. I will give Shoop this much – he really has been a crusader against the NCAA, which is worthy of a pat on the back. But it isn’t getting him hired any time soon imho.


3 responses to “A Tale of Two Coaches

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Man. John Shoop. I still like the idea for the site graphic when we were going to do mount rushmore with Shoop, Turner, Martz, I guess we’d put Turner up there twice because he f’d up the Bears 2x.

    But one million % agreed that sports is some sort of weird back scratching contest and they just keep finding jobs for their own as they continue to fail time and time again.

  2. Damn I forgot about Shea.

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