Kyle Fuller On His Way Out

The Bears declined the 5th year option on Kyle Fuller. I predict he won’t even make it to camp, sealing his fate as just the next in a series of first round busts for the Bears.


2 responses to “Kyle Fuller On His Way Out

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Brutal. And it isn’t like competition is intense in the Bears’ secondary.

    Pretty much if you have a pulse you’ve got a shot in there.

    The only one that could possibly be worse is Tampa Bay since they are still playing CHRIS CONTE which seems frankly impossible.

  2. And what’s worse, is that Tampa Bay can still beat the Bears in a game. I hate this fucking franchise. I am so ashamed of rooting for this team. I only continue to wear this Bears’ hoodie that I’ve had since 2009 because it keeps me warm.

    It’s going to suck for at least, another three or four years. Pace and Fox are out by the New Year.

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