Eddie Royal and Will Sutton Gone

The Bears cut Eddie Royal and Will Sutton. Royal was simply a place holder at receiver for a bit. Sutton was our third rounder in 2014. Of that 2014 draft, deftly executed by that genius Phil Emery, the Bears now have left:

Kyle Fuller (likely on his way out soon)
Ka deem Carey (placeholder running back)
Pat O Donnell (punter)

If anyone ever wonders why the Bears suck, this is the reason.


5 responses to “Eddie Royal and Will Sutton Gone

  1. 3 left from 2014 is bad? Do you think we’ll have more left 3 years from now from the 2017 draft? LOL. Management sucks.

    • Dan from Madison

      3 left is bad enough. The fact that the major contributor of the three left is a punter says it all.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    I still want to make the punter video of every punt Maynard ever did. Sadly enough I witnessed every one of them. Seemingly 10 a game.

    But no franchise is going to soar when everyone is a bust. Hoping against hope that White does something and that Floyd doesn’t get knocked out of football w/head injuries.

    • Dan from Madison

      Just think about how the bad the Bears would have been if they didn’t have Maynard. Well, maybe don’t.

    • You know what sucks? Floyd has already had, I believe, two concussions and that’s just in his first professional season. He may have had more in college. Anything the Bears touch is either already shit, or about to turn to shit. That makes me ANGRY.

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