White Flag Trade

As a long time Sox fan I remember the damn “White Flag” trade.  It even has it’s own wikipedia page…

The White Flag Trade was a trade made between two Major League Baseball teams in 1997. On July 31, 1997, the Chicago White Sox traded three major players to the San Francisco Giants for six minor leaguers. At the time, the trade was maligned by the vast majority of White Sox fans as Jerry Reinsdorf giving up on the team, as they were only 3 12 games behind the Cleveland Indians for the American League Central Division lead. [1] In 2000, however, the White Sox won the Central Division title, receiving large contributions from two of the players received in this trade (Keith Foulke and Bob Howry).

Today the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler.  Jimmy Butler was a basketball stud, a guy built for the modern game of basketball.  They got some stuff in return but nothing great.  They got a higher draft pick, but just high enough to pick a “project” type guy, a 7 footer who had one year out of Arizona.  He’s never gonna have a career like Butler.

I don’t mind tanking but the Bulls aren’t really tanking.  They are just playing well enough to get bad draft picks and avoiding clearing out their terrible management team – the only positive thing that they’ve done in years is draft and re-sign Butler in the first place.

Will look to see what Fro Dog says over his site where he mournfully follows the Bulls…


2 responses to “White Flag Trade

  1. Starting with baseball: The 2017 Cubs and Sox are technically still in contention. The Cubs started the day 2.5 games back of the division, and the White Sox 4.5 games out, even though they’re dead last in the division.

    To me, this means that with a couple of home or away series against some division rivals, all the Cubs/Sox needs are the bats to get hot and some solid pitching and defense, and OMFG we’ve got a pennant race!

    Sounds nice in theory, but let’s look at the team batting/pitching stats and how they’ve played the last month (I’ll let y’all do that)…

    Basketball: Reading SI’s take on the trade, Holberg may finally have some players he needs to work in his “system,” but the Bulls got robbed in this deal. One player coming off an ACL injury, another coming off a bad rookie season, and a bag of pinto beans.

    I don’t think it will be a “blowing the team up” movement, but I wonder what will happen to Rondo and D-Wade in the coming months. If MAYBE GarPax is listening to Fred Holberg and getting him young guys that he can work with and fit into his system, don’t be surprised if the remaining two “alpha mutts” are let go in favor of a pupu platter of young guns (young ‘uno?) who may finally produce a low-cost version of the high powered offense that Hioberg was hired to engineer for the Bulls.

    Or maybe the Bulls ARE tanking…not like anybody’s going tom unseat the LeBrons from the Eastern Conference hilltop any time soon.

  2. Dan from Madison

    I ditched the White Sox after the White Flag trade and went with the next closest team NOT the Cubs…the Brewers. I have seen a ton of bad baseball over my lifetime. We are having fun this year but the eventual fall will be the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

    PS the Bulls are tanking.

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