On the Carr Contract

Every swinging dick on the face of the planet has thoughts on the David Carr contract, and so do I.

As usual, OTC has the breakdown of the numbers, and also as usual, I agree with most of what is said in this piece.

However, I have a few things to add.

Most readers of OTC should know that Aaron Rodgers was responsible for tanking the qb market and it appears that his artificial ceiling may have been broken. With the coming deals for Stafford and Ryan, we should see numbers above Carr’s new deal relatively soon.

I always enjoy it when OTC talks about getting “Flaccoed”. That guy cost me $$ in Reno when the Ravens won the Super Bowl. I relish every article I read about how poorly his contract has served the Ravens since.

But back to Carr. The thing that the OTC piece ignores is that NFL teams really HAVE NO CHOICE when they have an inkling of a franchise QB. Carr is very good, but he got injured at the end of last season and the Raiders instantly looked like the Bears. That was a fantastic test tube for everyone to see. No QB, no team. Period.

What are the options? Keep bringing in people like Luther, or McClown? You will NEVER have success with a strategy that does not involve a franchise QB. Sure, the Ravens of old got away with it (and so did the 85 Bears, for that matter) but that horse has long ago left the barn. Franchise QB or bust. Just draft ’em, and pay ’em. In this light, you can’t really fault the Grabowski pick of this year for the Bears. Just keep stockpiling QB’s and keep trying to land the franchise guy. It really is the only way.


3 responses to “On the Carr Contract

  1. Agreed that it is QB or bust. The Bears at least figured that out and are trying everything to get at least a decent QB.

    Very funny how people tout edge rushers and cornerbacks and O line and wide receivers like they are gods but without a QB like you said the Raiders became the Bears ha ha.

    Also funny how the Pats won 3 of 4 with Brady out that’s because they are geniuses.

    Any QB with balls who can hold out and go on the open market who’s not terrible (McClown types) will just get paid an F ton of money. Someday this needs to happen. I guess with the franchise tag that’s how teams avoid it (like the Redskins).

    Maybe some craaaaaazy team figures out how to win with some carousel of cheap ass running QB’s or something that would be great to see someday. I don’t see it happening but would be fun to try. I’m not talking about expensive running QB’s like RGIII in the day I mean expendable guys and a whole roster built around that (maybe the RB even passes too or a receiver like Pryor).

    Look also at the Rams… if they had a good QB they’d probably be in the playoffs. With Goff if he still sucks they are just horse crap. Manure. Terrible.

    • Dan from Madison

      Your goofy offense would never work for one reason. Attrition. Just too many ball handlers would get hurt. But if you had a never ending list of expendable guys it might have a chance. But too many subs and you lose continuity on the team. But we are shouting into a toilet anyways so it is interesting to theorize. Kaepernick pulled it off for a season then every defense caught on and killed him. NFL coaches aren’t stupid for the most part.

      • Carl from Chicago

        Agreed that it probably wouldn’t work but would be fun to watch someone try. After all why the hell not the weak teams are a million miles from New England anyways.

        Just a bunch of bad teams trying the same things it is boring and futile. Would rather be exciting and futile ha ha.

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