I did you all a favor and did something over the holiday.  I scoured the web for any prediction that had Illinois NOT finishing dead last in the Big Ten West.  How do you think I did?  That’s right, I couldn’t find ONE prediction that had the Illini in any other place than last.  Because we have Lovie and he will resurrect the program and stuff.  Or something.

Some good news, however – my “Fire Lovie Smith” tag is re-usable from his Bears days so at least I am saved that tiny bit of labor.

Meanwhile, you get a cool 150-1 for Illinois to win the Big Ten Title, only “bested” by Rutgers at 250-1.  I always laugh at these futures odds.  That Illinois bet should be at least a thousand to one if not more.  For Illinois to win the Big Ten every other team except perhaps Purdue and Rutgers would have to go down in a plane crash or get hit by a meteor.

Anyways, looking forward to another great year of football from Champaign.


3 responses to “Last

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Ah but don’t you believe the latest from Urlacher about how the Bears were “cursed” when they let Lovie go?

    Man the Illini are dirt and so are the Bears. I think that the Bears are actually looking up a bit because I think they will do better than 3-13 this year and the whole roster, statistically, won’t get hurt again. They will still be a terrible team and probably a laughingstock but likely only a little less so.

    The Illini on the other hand are just simply outclassed and don’t seem able to compete at all. I was hoping that Lovie would be able to do something with recruiting since he would have more NFL contacts than the average Div 1 coach but I guess that isn’t doing much for our program.

    Sad that we can’t even generate any interest for a turnaround or anything. We are dead and irrelevant.

    • Dan from Madison

      I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually the Big Ten starts forcing out the doormats in football with tiny fan bases who don’t care, like Illinois and Purdue. For God’s sake keep Rutgers for the NYC eyeballs, of course. In fact, I am surprised that this has not happened yet. However, I can see how these horrible programs are great to keep around so the Wisconsins, Michigans and Ohio States of the world keep getting guaranteed victories and stay relevant and have a shot at the national championship.

  2. The Illini talked themselves into the twin foolishness of a) first African-American head coach in U of I history and b) former NFL head coach = recruiting success. Never mind that said first black Bears head coach only went to the playoffs three times in nine years and couldn’t build a competent offense to save his soul.

    Unbelievable that Da Bears and the Illini have both built such absolute shit rosters. If John Fox isn;t fired by midseason, it’s only because Georgie-boy wouldn’t have enough confidence in anybody on the coaching staff to keep the Bears from being more embarrassing than they would be.

    I think bears and Illini fans should take a sabbatical this year…can I interest anyone here in Chicago Fire season tickets?

    …and, no, I’m not kidding, either.

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